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Hunters Challenge

The OP Hunters Challenge is going ahead today, Saturday 7 Sept 2019. See you there.

2019 Hunters Challenge

2019 Hunters Challenge  information click here

Hi folks, just to let you know about our sporting clays end of season shoots. They are

Sept 4 - EOS Evening Sporting Clays. This will be our last Wednesday evening shoot of the 2019 season.

Sept 7 - Outdoor Pros Hunters Challenge. Annual event to signal the start of the hunting season. It is sponsored by Outdoor Pros.  Click on link above for more information.

Sept 11 -  OFCL will begin at 10 am on Sept 11 with accompanying Bistro at noon.

October thru March -  we will have our usual monthly Saturday shoots throughout the fall and winter.

Hope to see you at the club.


Reminder Memorial Shoot happening this weekend.

The club Memorial Shoot which is held annually to remember club members who contributed significantly to club activities but are no longer with us will be held on Saturday, 17 August 2019.  Lunch will available for $5.

Memorial Shoot Activities

Sporting Clays

Fifty sporting clay targets. Cost $15. Juniors $7.50.

Trap Shoot

Event 1: 50 Singles. Cost: $12.50. Juniors: $5.
Event 2: Use same info that's on 2018 poster.
Event 3: 25 pair Doubles (50 targets). Cost: $12.50. Juniors: $5.
ATA Fee (ATA Members only) $2.50

Registration: 9 AM. Start time. 10 AM.

ATA Registered Targets available for ATA Members.
A limited number of complimentary ATA Memberships will be available.
Prizes for all skill levels.
Everyone is welcome.
Contact: Andrea

Tony Mackey Memorial Shoot

Steel Shoot - Range C
Cost: $5
Registration / Start Time: 10 AM
Don't have a pistol but want to try the steel shoot? Bring some 9mm ammo (100 rounds recommended) and organizers will have a pistol for you to try.
Contact: Monty Petipas., 709-746-4147 for more information.

8th Annual IDPANL Zombie Apocalypse

The eighth annual IDPANL Zombie Apocalypse Multi-Gun Shoot was held on Saturday, 10 August 2019. The weather was once again excellent - it was hot! - and a total of 28 shooters attended, including participants from other provincial gun clubs such as the Discovery Shooting Club in Elliston and the Northwest Arm Rod & Gun Club in Winterland. Many thanks to those guys for showing their repeated interest in our event! There were four stages or courses of fire which included a variety of target types (paper, steel and frangible) and varying presentations (disappearing, pop-up, etc.) that were required to be engaged by a mix of firearms – including handgun, shotgun, and rifle.

The four stages, developed around a theme of popular zombie movies, were:

Stage 1 - The Winchester Plan (a 21 round shotgun and pistol stage)
Stage 2 - Don't Be a Hero (an 18 round pistol stage)
Stage 3 - Beware of Bathrooms (an 18 round pistol stage)
Stage 4 - Corpus Separatum (a 51 round rifle, shotgun and pistol stage)

Top scores overall
1 Scott Smith - 245.06
2 Adam Waterman - 280.47
3 Scott Pike - 294.33

In keeping with the spirit of IDPA, prizes were drawn on a random basis and awarded so that all participants had an equal chance of walking away with a prize. These prizes included complimentary one year memberships for the St. John’s Rod & Gun Club (SJRGC) and for IDPANL; raffle tickets for a Stag 10 rifle package, from the Labrador Trap & Skeet Club, and a large variety of small prizes. Congrats to the winners!

The match ran very well, thanks to the core group of volunteers who helped to set up on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, and more importantly, to act as staff for the event. Many thanks to all of the folks who played a role – no matter how small – in helping to make it a successful and enjoyable event, whether it was in preparing lunch, helping set up or tear down the stages, or just doing your part to patch targets and re-set steel and props. A special thanks to the hard working safety officers and scorekeepers who went above and beyond – including having to run the entire course many times over – to ensure that those in attendance were able to complete it in an efficient, safe and enjoyable manner. Thank you for attending and we hope you enjoyed it. We continue to have regularly scheduled IDPA matches and side events like this one throughout the year and we encourage potential new members to come out and try the sport.

August Orientation Going Ahead

Orientation is going ahead Sunday August 4th at 10am sharp at the clubhouse, there is no fee or pre-registration required. New applications and renewal applications will be accepted from about 9:30 to 10am. Part of the orientation takes place outside so please dress appropriately for the weather. 

August Orientation

Orientation is happening sunday Aug 4th. 10am start. No fee or pre-registration required. New and renewal applications will be accepted from 930-10am. Part of the orientation is outside so dress appropriately. If a cancellation happens, it will be posted online asap.

Regatta Day Blast

The 2019 Regatta Day Blast(sporting clays event) will be held on Wednesday, 7 August 2019, or whenever Regatta Day is.  The cost is $60 ($30 for Juniors) which includes lunch and a steak dinner.

As with all club events, all club members are welcome. This is a NSCA registered shoot. However, non-NSCA members will shoot in Hunters Class.

Shoot Schedule

Registration and squading will take place starting at 9 am.  Shotgun start at 10:30 sharp. There will be 50 targets in the morning and 50 in the afternoon. Lunch will be served after the morning targets are shot.  Shooting challenges will be held after lunch consisting of a Flurry Challenge(random teams of $10 per team) and Miss-and-Out Challenge.  So remember to bring 100 shells (7 1/2 shot or smaller) and extras for the challenges.  All ties will be decided by shoot-off.

After shooting is complete, there will be a steak dinner.

To reserve a place please RSVP Herb at


Sporting Clays July NSCA Shoot

Folks, our next NSCA registered shoot of the year, the "July Evening Special" is being held on Wednesday evening, July 17th. This will consist of 50 sporting targets at a cost of $15 (or two card punches + $3). This will be for the first 50 targets. After that it's regular Wednesday cost for subsequent rounds.
Please note that this is one of a small number of Wednesday evening registered shoots that we have planned this year. During NSCA registered shoots, both NSCA members and non-NSCA shooters are all welcome (non-NSCA shooters shoot in "Hunter's Class"). For information, or to join the National Sporting Clays Association visit:

Just click the "members" section at top of page and click "sign up/renew". It only takes a few minutes!

For those of you who are unsure if you want to join NSCA at this time, there is a complimentary limited membership available to first-timers. The application and details can be found here:

Just fill it out, bring it to the next registered shoot you attend and hand it in during registration - Do not mail to NSCA. This will enable you to join NSCA on the spot and have your targets registered until the end of the year. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail Herb Butt at

Multiple Announcements


IDPANL Top Guns provincial championships have been rescheduled to Saturday 13 July. 

Delta Waterfowl Draw

Ranges ABC-Maintennce

There will be some range work going on throughout Saturday and Sunday on Ranges A & B. This will have a minimal impact on shooting other than brief ceasefires for A, B and C when at the 200 on B shorter ceasefires when working on the 50 and 100.

Club Hydroseeding

Members are asked to stay out of hydroseeded areas adjacent to the Trap fields (Range D) and clubhouse. Areas have been marked by flagging tape.

Thank you for your cooperation.

APA Gun Lottery

Results-Beaumont Hamel/Red Rifle Shoot

These are the results of the annual IDPANL sponsored Beaumont Hamel / Red Rifle military surplus shoot that took place on Saturday, 1 June 2019.

The purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity to bring out a wide variety of firearms and cartridges that have been historical service among the world's armed forces, and to use them in creative and challenging target shooting events.

We had an excellent turnout for the event, with 30 people in attendance and most of them choosing to participate in two or more of the six available shooting events.

There were six events in all, including four rifle events and two pistol events, as follows:

Rifle events (scored out of 100, for a total of 400 over all four stages, higher is better):
4 Rifles - engage 5 targets with 20 rounds, using two bolt action rifles and two semi-auto rifles at 50 yards (iron sights)
Enemy at the Gates - engage 5 targets with 5 rounds, from 30 to 75 yards, using a Soviet Mosin Nagant rifle (iron sights)
100 yd Battle Rifle - engage a target with 10 rounds at 100 yards (iron sights)
200 yd Team Sniper - a randomly drawn team of two shooters, each engaging a single target with 5 rounds at 200 yards (optics)

Pistol events (scored by raw time plus penalties, lower is better):
3 Pistol Drill - engage 5 targets with 25 rounds, using a Nagant revolver, a Tokarev TT33, and a third pistol of your choice
A Tribute to Sgt York - engage 12 targets with 18 rounds in tactical priority

The full results follow:

4 Rifles:
First place - Brad Leyte (89/100)
Second Place - Tom Cromwell (84/100)
Third Place - Nick St. Croix (80/100)
Top Junior - Nick St. Croix (80/100)

Enemy at the Gates :
First Place - Jason Augot (100/100)
Second Place - Evan Kearley (99/100), Rodney Hickey (99/100)
Third Place - Mike Saunders (98/100)
Top Junior - Alex Newman (97/100)

100 yd Battle Rifle:
First Place - Rodney Hickey (84/100)
Second Place - Brad Leyte (79/100)
Third Place - Mike Saunders (76/100), Dmitrijs Hotsajevs (76/100)

200 yd Team Sniper:
First Place - Dmitrijs Hotsajevs, Brad Leyte (99/100)
Second Place - Tom Cromwell, Andrew Tuck (86/100)
Third Place - Mike Saunders, Evan Kearley (79/100)

Overall, all rifle events:
First Place - Brad Leyte (361/400)
Second Place - Dmitrijs Hotsajevs (336/400)
Third Place - Mike Saunders (291/400)

3 Pistol Drill:
First Place - Mike Saunders (53.54)
Second Place - Brad Leyte (54.79)
Third Place - Dmitrijs Hotsajevs (74.13)

Tribute to Sgt Alvin York:
First Place - Jason Augot (30.30)
Second Place - Martin Lewis (31.94)
Third Place - Adam Waterman (32.82)

Overall, all pistol events:
First Place - Brad Leyte (97.41)
Second Place - Martin Lewis (101.80)
Third Place - Mike Saunders (111.16)

For lunch Dmitrijs Hotsajevs and his better half graciously provided the ever popular (and even more delicious) pot of borscht, potato salad and apple cake (with ice cream!), and we are very thankful for their contribution.

IDPANL is happy to put off this event every year and we are thankful for everyone's help in setting up the stages and targets, pasting and scoring, acting as range safety officers, and then tearing down everything at the end of the day. It is a lot of work, especially when there are a lot of people, but it is a rewarding experience we are pleased to share.

Results-Sporting Clays NSCA Shoot May 2019

For our first NSCA registered shoot of the year, the May Evening Special, 11 brave souls came out to shoot in the rain and wind, which made for very interesting targets! The results are below:

Steve Pink had the high score for the evening with a 41.Ronald Tilley was Runner-up with a 40.
NSCA Classes:
A Class - Ronald Tilley (40)
B Class - Leo Carns (37)
C Class - Steve Pink (41)
D Class - Dave Redddin (34)
Veteran - Bob Barbour (28)
Senior Veteran - Leo Carns (37)

Hunter's Class - Larry Rosa (36)

Call to Action Bill C-71

We like to direct your attention to Bill C-71 which may impact the St. John's Rod & Gun Club as well as members of our club. Call to Action on Bill C-71

Two Events Happening this weekend

National Trapshooting Day is brought to you this year by the St. John's Rod and Gun Club, the Amateur Trapshooting Association, the Atlantic Provinces Trapshooting Association, and the folks at Outdoor Pros.  Happening Sunday, May 26, 2019 with registration starting at 10am.  Visit the event page for more information

IDPANL Open House is also  happening on Sunday May 26th at the Club. This is their first open house where you will be able to learn about action shooting and get to try out this exciting and dynamic handgun Sport. Visit the event page for more information

Sunday Trapshooting

Sunday Trapshooting

The club’s Sunday trapshoots have started for the season. Setup for our regular weekly trapshoots will begin at 10:30 AM with shooting at 11 AM. Late arrivals are always welcome to join in after the 11 AM start. Just make your way to an active trap field, wait for a break in shooting and ask to be squadded. If you have to leave early, wait for a break in shooting, pick up your empties, pay your target fees and we'll see you next time. If we’re hosting a special shoot start times may vary, so stay tuned to the club’s website and Calendar of events for details.

Interested in trying trap? Come join us. We charge a nominal fee for your targets - $5 for a round of 25 targets. Shooters must provide their own ammunition (# 7 ½ or smaller), shotguns, hearing and eye protection. If you’re new to trapshooting, an experienced shooter will give you a breakdown of the rules and provide some basic instruction. Just identify yourself or better yet, contact us ahead of time so that we can make time for the introduction.

We have another busy shoot schedule for 2019. See the club’s Calendar and Events page for a complete list of our shoots. We offer shooting for all skill levels and for the recreational and competitive shooters alike. Our Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) registered shoots provide competitive shooters the opportunity to practice but it by no means implies that everyone need shoot this many targets. Our policy is that you may shoot as much or as little as you like. Our goal is to accommodate everyone and during all shoots we will have trap fields designated for both ATA and recreational shooters.

The club’s Trap Committee is considering adding a weekly trapshoot to our shooting schedule this year. If you’re interested in organizing the Tuesday evening shoot please contact us. If you’re interested in attending please let us know so we can gauge interest.

The Trap Committee contact info can be found under the Contact Us page. Feel free to touch base with us if you have any questions or would like to give trapshooting a try.

See you at the club.

Trap Committee
St. John’s Rod and Gun Club

Evening Sporting Clays

Evening sporting clays shoots will resume this Wednesday, 8th of May 2019 and will continue every Wednesday until the fall.  Shooting will begin at 4 pm after the course is setup and go until dusk.  As in recent years a snack will be available at $5.  A course of 25 targets is $7 cash or if using the new card system $60 for 10. Shooters must bring their own ammo and firearm.  Ammo is restricted to 7 1/2 or smaller.  All participants and spectators require eye and hearing protection.

Newcomers are welcome and an experienced shooter can advise on shooting tactics.

Sporting Clays Comm.

Results - Duck Pond Dust Off

Very exciting action on the clays trail today with our first Duck Pond Dust Off Sponsored by Delta Waterfowl. Ronald shot a 67 out of 79 for HOA, Dave was runner up with 65 and Herb in 3rd place with 63. Good shooting guys and as always everyone had a great time.  Meanwhile, in the Duck Pond, the action was fast and furious.  When the dust had settled the team of Herb and Bobby W had the top score of 25 out of 30.

Thanks to all who came out early to help set up, create and serve a fantastic lunch, and those who stayed behind to clear up and put everything away.  The concept of a spring clay duck shoot is great and will be repeated.  Also thanks to Delta Waterfowl for their support and participation in the event.

BTW - Diana had personal best of 3 out of 8. Good shooting!

Sporting Clays Comm.

Lock Codes Changed

The lock codes on the gate, Longbranch, clubhouse and storage locker have been changed. You will find the new code on the back of your 2019 membership card.

The Executive, SJRGC

IDPA-NL Safety Officers

IDPANL is pleased to announce that four new Safety Officers - Jay Green, Gerry Carr, Gerard Fitzpatrick, and Gary Noftall - have recently received their SO certification.

The role of an IDPA Safety Officer includes: ensuring the safety of the shooter and bystanders on the range; helping new shooters to complete the course of fire, using correct and concise range commands; enforcing IDPA rules consistently to ensure that the match is conducted in a fair and impartial manner; and helping everyone to enjoy the match.

The addition of new Safety Officers will help spread the workload at IDPANL matches at SJRGC.

Upcoming Sporting Clays Events

Sporting Clays has some exciting shoots coming up. See the list below and mark the dates on your calendar.  Bring your own ammo and gun. As usual ammo is restricted to 7.5 size shot and smaller. Usual prices for targets apply with punch cards costing $60 for 10 rounds of 25 or cash at $7 per round. Punch cards will be used for our regularly scheduled Wednesday shoots.

The spring schedule is as follows:

23 March, Saturday 100 rounds - Bring a Buddy theme

27 April, Saturday 75 rounds plus afternoon clay target Spring Duck Flurry

8 May, Wednesday Weather permitting, Wednesday evening sporting clays start up

More information will follow as we get close to the shoot date.

Sporting Clays Comm.

Reminder Memorial Shoot happening this weekend.

Reminder that the Club's Memorial Shoot is happening this weekend

July 7th Orientation GOING AHEAD

Orientation is going ahead Sunday July 7th at 10am sharp, there is no fee or pre-registration required. New applications and renewal applications will be accepted from about 9:30 to 10am. Part of the orientation tales place outside so please dress appropriately for the weather. 

June 2nd Orientation GOING AHEAD

Orientation is going ahead Sunday June 2nd at 10am sharp, there is no fee or pre-registration required. New applications and renewal applications will be accepted from about 9:30 to 10am. Part of the orientation tales place outside so please dress appropriately for the weather. 

IDPANL Promotional Contest

Many of you will have heard of the federal Liberal government’s latest ill-advised attempts to impose more gun control, and more particularly, Bill C-71. That Bill is currently in third reading in the Senate, and could become law before the end of the week. There is also a persistent rumour that the Liberals will follow up on C-71 with an Order in Council (OIC) that will immediately reclassify certain restricted firearms, most notably the AR-15, into a new prohibited class. If that happens, it may be impossible for you to acquire an AR-15 in the future.

In response, IDPANL is putting off a promotional contest where one lucky person will win a reimbursement of up to $150.00 towards their purchase of an AR-15.

We believe this is a great way to let Justin Trudeau and the gun control lobby know how you feel about this nonsensical legislation, which is unfairly targeted at legitimate, law abiding gun owners, and at the same time, add a new (or another) AR-15 platform to your collection!

Here are the ground rules of the contest:

1. Given the current rules around possession and acquisition of restricted firearms, we require that all contestants purchase, at a minimum, a stripped lower AR-15 receiver. The lower is what's considered the restricted firearm. You can choose to purchase an entire AR-15 or any combination of parts, as long as it includes the lower.
2. The contest is limited to purchases made between between March 28, 2019 and June 30, 2019.
3. Proof of purchase will be required, and must include your name, a description of the item(s) purchased, cost, and date of purchase.
4. You must also be a participant in a minimum of two (2) IDPANL sponsored matches between May 26, 2019 (the scheduled date of our Open House) and August 10, 2019 (the scheduled date of the annual Zombie Shoot).
5. For every such sponsored match you attend, you will receive one (1) entry for the contest.
6. After the Zombie Shoot a winner will be chosen at random to receive up to $150.00 in recognition and reimbursement of their AR-15 purchase.

By all accounts, the Canada Firearms Center is already being flooded with new restricted firearm purchases. So come on folks, let's get out there and make that flood a torrent! Please forward this to any interested parties.


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