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Call to Action! Notice to SJRGC Member

As you may know the Government is exploring a Restricted Firearms Ban in response to recent gang related shootings. It is the position of the St. John's Rod and Gun Club that such a ban will not have the desired affect of reducing gun violence. Recently created legislation (Bill C-71) does not address criminal gang violence in any way. The proposed changes to our gun control legislation will not affect criminal firearms use, it will do nothing more than punish law abiding, licensed gun owners. Indeed Bill Blair, Minister of Border Security and Criminal Reduction, has expressed his doubt in this regard stating that he does not believe a ban will be the most effective measure to restrict the access that criminals have to such weapons due to the problem of them being smuggled across the US border.
To ensure that such a ban is not implemented we urge you to contact your local MP and Senator to express your objection to such legislation. You need only click on the one, or all, of the following to contact your elected representative and voice your opposition. Please be respectful and do so at your earliest convenience.
You will also find links to other Firearm Advocacy Organizations below.
MP email addresses:
Yvonne  Jones-
Ken McDonald-
Seamus O'Regan-
Scott Simms-
Nick Whalen-
Senator email addresses:
George Furey-
Norman Doyle-
Fabian Manning-
Elizabeth Marshall-
Mohamed Igbal-
Gun Advocacy Groups:
Canadian Coalition of Firearms Rights:  
National Firearms Association:
The Gun Blog:
Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters:
If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact Gerry Carr chair of the club's Firearm Advocacy Committee.

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