Range Rules and Regulations

Anyone participating in firearm related activities at the Club must read and understand the Range Operating Instructions, Range Safety Instructions and Trap Sporting Range Procedures as found linked below. The Range Operating Instructions document is filed with the Chief Provincial Firearms Office and is a legal document comprising part of the requirements for the St. John’s Rod and Gun Club’s certification and approval under the firearm legislation. Any breach of the instructions therein can and may be pursued and charges laid under the law.

Our ranges operate basically unsupervised and as such, if more than one person is present, one of the shooters must assume the role of Range Officer. Under legislation the Club carries insurance for the facilities and has insurance for its members(see Insurance under Range Notices). Therefore, only members in good standing (dues paid) may use the facilities legally. It is illegal for non-members to use the range facilities, unless they are guests, and then only under the immediate and direct supervision (in law means arms length while using a firearm) of a member in good standing. Guests must pay a $5 fee for insurance. Prior to using the range facilities, all club members and range users are required to read and sign below after reading these Range Operating Instructions. This form will constitute the basis for the required log book to be kept for all organized and sanctioned shooting events.

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