Firearms Bill C-71

Call to Action. Bill C-71

Attention St. John's Rod and Gun Club Members,

We like to direct your attention to  Bill C-71 which may impact the St. John's Rod & Gun Club as well as members of our club.

The following is taken from the  Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters website. Some wording has been adapted to reflect our Club's similar opinions but the majority of the wording is OFAH. Please visit their site at the link provided below to read in full detail the issues with Bill C-71 that they have expertly explained. 


Recently Senators on the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence (SECD) introduced and ratified some significant amendments to firearms Bill C-71, including more focused background checks, the repeal of provisions removing automatic ATTs, parliamentary reporting on the impacts of classification decisions, and repealing provisions to remove political oversight of classification decisions.  Although Bill C-71 remains fundamentally flawed, even with these amendments, the SECD recommendations represent the first time in more than a year of debate that there has been any ground gained by the firearms community. The amendments must still make it through the Senate and the House of Commons (again) – but at least it is a sign that the logic and reason of the firearms community’s tenacious advocacy is finally beginning to sink in.  

What exactly is Bill C-71?

Bill C-71 is an act to amend certain acts and regulations in relation to firearms in Canada. The St. John's Rod and Gun Club supports firearms legislation measures that increase the public safety of Canadians and our members. This comes with a caveat that such legislation does not create unnecessary restrictions or barriers to law-abiding firearms users. Bill C-71 is designed to prioritize public safety in response to the increasing trends in gun crime and violence. However, most of the proposals focus on lawful firearms users.   

For detailed information on Bill C-71 explained by OFAH visit :

You can also read the most current  Bill C-71 here


 We are requesting members contact their MP's and the Senators via email to express opposition to Bill C-71. Some Senators have stated they do not read form letters. Oneclearvoice will easily send your personal letters. They don't have to be long or complex.  OneclearVoice is an easy to use writing tool to politely communicate your point of view to the Members of Parliament, government and Senate.  

Here is the link should you wish to use it.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and passion on this topic. 


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