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RESULTS-Santa's Challenge

Santas Challenge went off in fine weather.  A very fun course was set by our target setters.   Twenty two shooters participated.  Top gun was Steve at 64, Bob with 58, and Leo with 57.  Top lady shooter was Nina with 46 and Jack our Junior with 46.

As always many thanks to all the people who make these shoots possible.  These include the chefs in the kitchen, target setters, and those who helped set and clean up.

Merry Christmas to all and all the best for a safe holiday.

Sporting Clays Comm.

December 1st Orientation GOING AHEAD

Orientation will be going ahead rain or shine Sunday December 1st 10am sharp at the clubhouse, there is no fee or pre-registration required. New applications and renewal applications will be accepted from about 9:30 to 10am. Part of the orientation takes place outside so please dress appropriately for the weather, if the weather is particularly bad we will conduct most or all of the orientation inside.

Archery Postponed

Attention Archery Members.  Please note that there will not be any archery for the following two Friday nights (Nov 22 & 29) due to gym unavailability. This weekend there will be a make up shoot Sunday Nov 24th from 9-11am. Set up begins at 8:30am.

Turkey Club Shoot Results

First off, apologies for the delayed posting of the Turkey Shoot 2019 results. Life got in the way but I now present you with the results!

Diana Boyd, Social Media Manager


It was a wet and windy turkey shoot this year, but despite the poor weather there was a great turnout for all events. Thank you for everyone who came out to attend the shoot and a big thank you to all the volunteers who came to make sure our attendees had a blast… see what I did there ;)

The Turkey Dinner was a great time held by all. This year the vegetables came from club member Ronald Tilley and his farm Tilley’s Acres.  Dave Beaudry, Ronald Tilley, Johnny and Peter Tucker peeled the 80 lbs! of vegetables.  Sandra Bassan, Josephine Martin and Joan Reddin were busy all day in the kitchen. Roger Butler, Dave Reddin and Bobby Kennedy helped carve the turkeys and serve dinner. 

This years lunch and dessert was provided by Monty Petipas and Monty’s Restaurant.

Kevin Healey and Nina Chandler handled the registration and got everyone through quickly with no issues and in record time. 

The club raised several hundred dollars for the Community Food Sharing Association . Update!! The club has raised $594.45. This is a combination of collected donations and the proceeds from the lunch and turkey dinner.

Lastly, Jack Hoddinott and Keegan Bartlett received their medals for completing the club’s Gun Quest Junior program.


November 3 Orientation GOING AHEAD

Orientation is going ahead rain or shine Sunday November 3rd 10am sharp at the clubhouse, there is no fee or pre-registration required. New applications and renewal applications will be accepted from about 9:30 to 10am. Part of the orientation takes place outside so please dress appropriately for the weather, if the weather is particularly bad we will conduct most or all of the orientation inside.

The club will be busy as our annual Turkey Shoot is taking place at the same time. Orientation will commence in the clubhouse once the event begins and shooters move out onto the sporting clays course. 

Turkey Shoot Notice

Don't miss the Turkey! Turkey dinner that is. Seating is limited and we have to make enough food.

The RSVP deadline is this Sunday (October 27) for the Turkey Dinner. Dinner tickets will only be available to those that RSVP.

Date: November 3. 
Events: Confirmed are Trap, Sporting Clays. Confirmation on the Archery and Pistol / Rifle to follow. 
Turkey Supper.  After shooting is done. Preregistration will be required. 
A collection for the Community Food Sharing Association will be in place again this year. 


The Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR) is carrying out a tour to further promote our firearms rights and we need your assistance to cover the costs.  This is to request your support for this important initiative. Please donate to the cause by going to the CCFR website.    
I’ll kick it off by donating $20.00.  I would appreciate hearing from you with regard to your donation. Your name will be confidential unless you other wise direct.

Thanks for your support.

Gerry Carr
Chairperson of the Firearms Rights & Advocacy Committee

October 6 Orientation POSTPONED

Orientation originally scheduled for Sunday October 6, 2019 is postponed due to Volunteer Availability. Tentative replacement date is in two weeks time Sunday October 19, 2019 but that date may be subject to change. Please check back for updates.


Membership Committee.

New Firearms Rights page and Federal Election 2019 Newsletter

The Club's Firearms Rights and Advocacy Commitee has a new, permanent page on our website. It can be found at You can also access it from the Media Page. We shall keep this as updated as possible.  The Club is sending out a Federal Election 2019 Newsletter (viewable at the link above).  Anyone with concerns or questions regarding the newsletter is invited to contact Gerry Carr, Chairperson of the Firearms Rights & Advocacy Commitee. His contact information can be located here

Sporting Clays Mini Shoot. Saturday September 28th

Sporting Clays Mini Shoot! Happening this saturday. Starting time 10am-3pm.

50 Birds in the morning, 50 in the afternoon. Cost $24 with a punch card. $28 without punch card (cash only). Juniors half price. Please bring exact change.

Lunch $5

Club Clay Target Championship - September 28

Please note that Saturday's Club Clay Target Championship shoot is being postponed until later in the fall. Stay tuned for details.

OFCL Change to Thursday

Hi folks, due to crappy weather forecast OFCL is switched to 19 September, Thursday for this week only.

Last outdoor archery shoot moved to sunday.

Attention archers! With the forecast for Monday not looking good and our shooting time in the evening greatly limited, we will hold our last outdoor shoot for the season on Sunday afternoon from 3-6pm (no shoot Monday). The forecast is looking good for Sunday so bring along something for the grill and we will fire up the BBQ at 6pm.

Beware, Scammer pretending to be club president

If you receive an email from our club President Mike Smith from the email address DO NOT respond. There is a scammer pretending to be our president to get you to make purchases for him.

Anyone coming West to the clubhouse

FYI anyone headed out to the clubhouse starting Friday

Big Game Rifle Sight In

Sighting in your rifle can be tough sometimes but it is important to know how your rifle shoots when going for moose or caribou. So club members Brad and Gerry are offering a Sight In Day for members.  Brad and Gerry will be at the club on Range B to offer their expert advice on Saturday, 14 September. Time is from 10 am to 3 pm. Meet Gerry and Brad at the Longbranch near Range B. Bring your firearm and ammo.

This is part of a new mentoring program at the club. So stay tuned for more mentoring programs.

Safety reminder

Just a reminder to everyone that ranges D (trap field) and E/G  (sporting clays stations) are restricted to 7 1/2 shot or smaller. Smaller size shot would be 8 and 9.  This is a requirement of the Firearms Office.

Results - OP Hunters Challenge

Today was a great day for the OP Hunters Challenge Sporting Clays at the club.  With a hurricane eminent but thankfully standing off here are the results. 

HOA-Herb at 84

Runner Up-Bob with 83

B Champ was Bobby at 75

C Champ was Dave at 68

D Champ was Brandon at 48

Ladies winner was Nina with 64

Seniors winner was Leo with a 82

Juniors winner was Liam with a 71

The OP Hunters Challenge included a very exciting Orange Crush Challenge.  The challenge was to break a chandelle clay at long range.  Herb broke 3 of 4 long range targets to win.  Steve, Jen, Leo and Noah broke 2 of 4. These four had a tie breaker and Leo won with the only broken target. Congratulations to all especially Jen and Noah who are enthusiastic newcomers. Thanks to Steve who provided the Orange Crush targets.

Much thanks to everyone for coming out and especially all the people who came out on Friday and Saturday morning to set up. Also Alice and Joan who prepared and served a lovely lunch.  Many thanks to Jeremy at OP Outdoors for continued support of this fun event.

September Orientation GOING AHEAD

Orientation is going ahead rain or shine Sunday September 8th at 10am sharp at the clubhouse, there is no fee or pre-registration required. New applications and renewal applications will be accepted from about 9:30 to 10am. Part of the orientation takes place outside so please dress appropriately for the weather, if the weather is particularly bad we will conduct most or all of the orientation inside. 

2019 Atlantic Trap Championship Results

St. John's Rod and Gun Club, St. John's (closer to Holyrood), NL

This year the Rod and Gun club was honored to host the 2019 Atlantic Provinces (AP) Trapshooting Championships. There were many in attendance and the weather was perfect for the competition.

Congratulations to all Atlantic Provinces Champions including Singles, Double, HAA and HOA Champion Troy Coldwell, Handicap Champion Janaya Nickerson and Singles Open Champion Jim Wood who shot a 200/200 to claim the title.

Shoot Highlights (Taken from APTA website)

  • 40th anniversary of the St. John's Rod and Gun Club hsoting the Atlantic Provinces ATA Provincial Shoot
  • First Atlantics held at the St. John's Rod and Gun Club was in 1979
  • Record event entries for a NL shoot were tallied in all events
  • Shoot attendance was boosted by the large contigent of shooters from Ontario, Alberta and Quebec
  • Troy Coldwell claims 4 /5 Championship titles
  • Jim Wood shoots the first 200/200 at the St. John's Rod and Gun Club and first 200/200 at an Atlantic Provinces ATA Provincial Championship
  • Janaya Nickerson becomes the first lady shooter to win the Atlantic Provinces Handicap Championshp

For all shoot results please visit the APTA website:

The 3 Sub Junior shooters pictured below scored all 3 days for us and also shot the Singles Championship on Saturday. Pictured with Troy and Andrea are Jim Wood (ON) Doug Blades (NS) and Jim Pollock (ON).  They often shoot together at the Atlantic Trap Championships and Canadian Trapshooting Championships.

Results- Canadian National Sporting Clays

Congratulations to Steve Pink from our club who has won in Class B at the Canadian NSCA Sporting Clays Championsips. Well done Steve.

End of Season Sporting Clays

Hi folks, just to let you know about our sporting clays end of season shoots. They are

August 28 - The Gun Dealer Sporting Clays. This is our usual Wednesday evening shoot but sponsored by The Gun Dealer who is attending the Atlantic Trap Championships over the long weekend.

Sept 4 - EOS Evening Sporting Clays. This will be our last Wednesday evening shoot of the 2019 season.

Sept 7 - Outdoor Pros Hunters Challenge. Annual event to signal the start of the hunting season. It is sponsored by Outdoor Pros.

There will be more info on the Hunters Challenge as it becomes available so check the club website. OFCL will begin at 10 am on Sept 11. As well, we will have our usual monthly Saturday shoots throughout the fall and winter.

Hope to see you at the club.

Results-Memorial Shoot

2019 Memorial Shoot Results

The St. John’s Rod and Gun Club hosted the 14th annual Memorial Shoot on Saturday, August 17, 2019.  The weather was fantastic and all events were well attended. Thanks to all that made the day possible. A special thank you goes out to the Molly, Bidgood, Anstey and Mackey families for joining us for this very special day.

These shoots involve a lot of work in planning, purchasing supplies for lunch, preparing and serving lunch, setting up Shoot courses and then taking everything down and cleaning up.  Thanks to everyone who helped out and especially those who come out to help but don't shoot.

Pictures of all events can be seen on the club’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

  • Facebook Page:
  • Facebook Group:
  • Twitter Account:

    Shoot Highlights
  • Events included Sporting Clays, Trap and a steel pistol shoot
  • Troy Coldwell breaks a 44 / 50 to claim the High Gun award in the Sporting Clay Competition Kevin Healey scored a 40/50 and Andrea Bassan with a 38/50.

  • Bassan breaks a 49/50 in the trap singles to claim the John Molloy Singles. Close behind were Troy Coldwell and Joe Rosa with 48 and 47 respectively.

  • Coldwell’s 47/50 in the Doubles led him to claim the Dave Anstey High Gun Overall (Trap) award

  • The Roger Bidgood 2 Man Team Award was won by Andrea Bassan and Jack Hoddinott.

  • Monty Petipas led the scoring in the steel challenge shoot claiming the Tony Mackey Memorial Award.

Sporting Clay Results

Lewis Class Awards

Champion: Troy Coldwell. 44/50

Runner up: Kevin Healey. 40/50

B Class - Herb Butt (36/50)

C Class – Randall Power (33/50)

D Class – Andrew Finn (27/50)

Concurrent Awards:

Ladies - Nina Chandler (30/50)

Senior - Dave Reddin (36/50)

Junior – Jack Hoddinott (37/50)

Trap Results

Lewis Class Awards

- John Molloy Singles Champion: Andrea Bassan. 49/50

- Runner Up: Troy Coldwell. 48/50

- B Class – Peter Tucker  (44/50)

- C Class – Paul Bailey (39/50)

- D Class – Dave Reddin (31/50)

Roger Bidgood 2 Man Team Award

- Andrea Bassan and Jack Hoddinott – 89/100

Dave Anstey High Gun Overall (Singles and Doubles)

- Troy Coldwell 95/100

Steel Shoot Results

The Steel Challenge Pistol Shoot held in memory of Tony Mackey was won by Monty Petipas, runner up was Mitchell Howell, and 3rd place was Alex Evans.

Results-Zombie Apocalypse

The eighth annual IDPANL Zombie Apocalypse Multi-Gun Shoot was held on Saturday, 10 August 2019.

The weather was once again excellent - it was hot! - and a total of 28 shooters attended, including participants from other provincial gun clubs such as the Discovery Shooting Club in Elliston and the Northwest Arm Rod & Gun Club in Winterland. Many thanks to those guys for showing their repeated interest in our event!

There were four stages or courses of fire which included a variety of target types (paper, steel and frangible) and varying presentations (disappearing, pop-up, etc.) that were required to be engaged by a mix of firearms – including handgun, shotgun, and rifle.

The four stages, developed around a theme of popular zombie movies, were:

Stage 1 - The Winchester Plan (a 21 round shotgun and pistol stage)
Stage 2 - Don't Be a Hero (an 18 round pistol stage)
Stage 3 - Beware of Bathrooms (an 18 round pistol stage)
Stage 4 - Corpus Separatum (a 51 round rifle, shotgun and pistol stage)

Top scores overall
1 Scott Smith - 245.06
2 Adam Waterman - 280.47
3 Scott Pike - 294.33

In keeping with the spirit of IDPA, prizes were drawn on a random basis and awarded so that all participants had an equal chance of walking away with a prize. These prizes included complimentary one year memberships for the St. John’s Rod & Gun Club (SJRGC) and for IDPANL; raffle tickets for a Stag 10 rifle package, from the Labrador Trap & Skeet Club, and a large variety of small prizes. Congrats to the winners!

The match ran very well, thanks to the core group of volunteers who helped to set up on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, and more importantly, to act as staff for the event. Many thanks to all of the folks who played a role – no matter how small – in helping to make it a successful and enjoyable event, whether it was in preparing lunch, helping set up or tear down the stages, or just doing your part to patch targets and re-set steel and props.

A special thanks to the hard working safety officers and scorekeepers who went above and beyond – including having to run the entire course many times over – to ensure that those in attendance were able to complete it in an efficient, safe and enjoyable manner.

Thank you for attending and we hope you enjoyed it. We continue to have regularly scheduled IDPA matches and side events like this one throughout the year and we encourage potential new members to come out and try the sport.

Results-Regatta Day Blast

The 2019 Regatta Day Blast was held on August 7, 2019. The event included 100 sporting clays targets and side games shot over the course of a beautiful summers day. A total of 35 shooters came out to participate in the annual fun shoot. A few people went home with some prizes that were drawn for at the end of the day.

Thanks to everyone who helped in any way including set-up and take-down, especially Bobby and Steve, as well as "chefs" Alice, Joan and Scott who kept us well fed throughout the day and served up a lovely steak supper at the end of the day.

Shoot Highlights:

The Champion for the day was Herb Butt with a score of 89 followed by Runner-up Steve Pink with a score of 87.

The winners of the Miss-and-Out Challenge were Kevin Healey and Steve Pink, who received 50% and 25% of the pot, respectively.

Leo Carns and Larry Rosa were the Champions of the "Two-Man Flurry", following a double tie-breaker with Herb Butt and Andrew Finn.

NSCA Class Results:
A - Bob Barbour (71)
B - Herb Butt (89)
C - Steve Pink (87)
D - Bob Bishop (83)
E - Andrew Finn (66)
Sub-Junior - Kaleb Cheeke (77)
Veteran - Andrew Finn (66)
Senior Veteran - Bob Bishop (83)
Ladies - Nina Chandler (61)

Top Hunter Class shooters for the day were Joe Rosa with a score of 83 and John Penney with a score of 81.

New Firearms Advocacy Committee

Gerry Carr has been appointed as the Chair to the new Firearms Advocacy Committee for the Club. You can find the call to action under our Media Page.  If you have any questions about this new committee or about the call to action itself please  contact Gerry.

Call for Help & Volunteers!

Help us show our Newfoundland hospitality!

The St. John’s Rod and Gun Club will host the 2019 Atlantic Provinces Trapshooting Championships August 29 – September 1. This shoot will attract trapshooters and guests from across the Atlantic Provinces and other parts of Canada as well.  We’ve even hosted some American trapshooters over the years.

Hosting the Atlantic Provinces Trapshooting Championships is a huge endeavor for the club’s Trap Committee. Planning and preparations actually started in the fall of 2018.

The St. John’s Rod and Gun Club and Newfoundlanders are well known for being terrific hosts, and to help make this year’s shoot another success we’re looking for help. We need scorers, trap loaders and general help (setup, tear down and clean up etc) throughout the 4 day shoot. We also have small items that need addressing before the shoot. There’s some painting, cleaning and small improvement items that need attention. There'll be a training session for anyone wanting to help score.

If you’re able to spare some time to help out with one of Atlantic Canada’s premier trapshooting competitions, please contact Andrea Bassan, 709-746-8426,


Trap Committee
St. John’s Rod and Gun Club

2019 Top Guns Provincial Championship Results

We enjoyed very good conditions for the 2019 Top Guns provincial championships on Saturday, 13 July, and there was a great turnout for the match, with 14 shooters. A classifier was made available for those who needed to update their chosen division classification, or just as a warm up stage. For the match, there were six stages, including one standards and five scenario stages chosen from high level competitive matches from around the globe. Some of them proved considerably more challenging than might have appeared at first glance.

The stages were:

  • Stage 1 - Standard (an 18 round standards stage, from the 2019 Italian Summer Cup)
  • Stage 2 - Best Friend (a 16 round scenario stage, from the 2019 Italian Summer Cup)
  • Stage 3 - Shrieking Eels (a 16 round scenario stage, from the 2019 Miss'ippi Showdown)
  • Stage 4 - Gun Raffle (a 17 round scenario stage, from the 2019 Gulf Coast IDPA Championship)
  • Stage 5 - Black Gold (an 18 round scenario stage, from the 2019 Italian Summer Cup)
  • Stage 6 - Gun Store (a 15 round scenario stage, from the 2019 Texas State IDPA Championship)

Full results are available at the IDPANL website but these are the top competitors:

  • High Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP)/High Overall - Mike McGrath 173.64
  • High Stock Service Pistol (SSP) - Jeff Dowden 195.15
  • High Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP) - Mike Saunders 260.58
  • High Compact Carry Pistol (CCP) - Gary Noftall 220.51
  • High Revolver (REV)/Most Accurate - Chris Butt 353.60
  • High Senior - Gerry Carr 247.43
  • High Distinguished Senior - Joe Banoub 528.42

It was a great match. And congratulations to the winners! We will put up some photos and video in due course.

Thanks to everyone for their help with running the match, and with setting up and tearing down stages.  The next club match is scheduled for Sunday, July 28. This will be the last regularly scheduled club match before the Zombie Apocalypse VIII Multi-Gun Shoot on August 10.

2019 NL Trapshooting Championship

2019 NL Trapshooting Championships Results

Saturday was a decent day for shooting but Sunday was a real treat. Cold, wind, fog, rain and drizzle left shooters asking “did we miss summer?” Mother nature threw the gamut at our shooters but they persevered!

Congratulations to NL Trapshooting Champions:

  • Troy Coldwell (Singles, Doubles and High Overall),
  • Nina Chandler (Lady Singles Champion),
  • Paul Bailey (Senior Singles Champion),
  • John Tucker (Handicap Champion).

Nina preparing for Sunday’s Doubles Event (winter hat and all). John Bellows and John Tucker after their shoot off with Russ Brown for Handicap Champion through 3rd Place.  Tucker took Champion, Bellows was Runner up and Brown took 3rd place.

2019 NL Trapshooting Championship

NL Trapshooting Championships are scheduled for this weekend. If you plan on attending please let us know so we can help plan lunch and shooting times.
An ATA Membership is required for this shoot. We have a limited number of complimentary ATA Memberships available for first time members.
See you at the shoot!

Canadian Trapshooting Championship

Troy Coldwell, Paul Bailey and Andrea Bassan attend the 2019 Canadian Trapshooting Championships last weekend in St. Thomas, Ontario. They shot well and brought home a few trophies.

Complete results and pics can be seen on the Ontario Provincial Trapshooting Association's Facebook page and the Canadian Trapshooting Association Facebook pages. Some more info at

Club Shooter Results from the 2019 Canadian Trapshooting Championships

Event 4 - Preliminary Doubles (50 Pair)
Class AA: Troy Coldwell 99

Event 7 - Canadian Singles Championship (200 Targets)
Champion: Andrea Bassan 199

Event 8 - Canadian Doubles Championship (50 Pair)
Class AA Closed: Troy Coldwell 95

High All Around (400 Championship Targets)
Open Runner Up: Troy Coldwell 381

Results-June NSCA Sporting Clays

Below are the results for the club's NSCA registered shoot, the June Evening Special, held on the evening of June 26, 2019:

Steve Pink and Ronald Tilley tied the high score for the evening with a pair of 39s. Dave Reddin was Runner-up with a 35.
NSCA Classes:
A Class - Ronald Tilley (39)
B Class - Herb Butt (31)
C Class - Steve Pink (39)
D Class - Dave Redddin (35)
E Class - Tom McGarry (28)
Senior Veteran - Dave Reddin (35)
Sub-Junior - Keegan Bartlett (22)

Hunter's Class - Larry Rosa (33)

Newfoundland Sportsman Shoot Results

The 21st annual Newfoundland Sportsman Shoot was another successful and well attended shoot. Thanks to our shoot sponsors - Newfoundland Sportsman Magazine, Outdoor Pros, CG Emery, Blue Ridge Outfitters and Vortex Optics.

Herb Butt and Ronald Tilley are this years winners of the Ed Brocklehurst Award. Pictured here are Ed’s sons ( Barry and Steven) along with Gord Follett presenting the award.


Sporting Clays-NSCA Shoot

Folks, our next NSCA registered shoot of the year, the "June Evening Special" is being held on Wednesday evening, June 26th. This will consist of 50 sporting targets at a cost of $15. This will be for the first 50 targets. After that it's regular Wednesday cost for subsequent rounds.
Please note that this is one of a small number of Wednesday evening registered shoots that we have planned this year. During NSCA registered shoots, both NSCA members and non-NSCA shooters are all welcome (non-NSCA shooters shoot in "Hunter's Class"). For information, or to join the National Sporting Clays Association visit: Just click the "members" section at top of page and click "sign up/renew". It only takes a few minutes!

For those of you who are unsure if you want to join NSCA at this time, there is a complimentary limited membership available to first-timers. The application and details can be found here: Just fill it out, bring it to the next registered shoot you attend and hand it in during registration - Do not mail to NSCA. This will enable you to join NSCA on the spot (as a limited member) and have your targets registered until the end of the year. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail Herb Butt at

IDPANL Top Guns Match, 23 June 2019

The annual IDPANL Top Guns provincial championships match will be held on Sunday, 23 June, on Ranges A and C.

The course of fire is a mix of stages from sanctioned matches throughout Canada and the USA in late 2018 and so far in 2019, and will include a classifier as well as one standards and five scenario stages. "

Sample Content

Archery Transition Dates

Update for the archery shoot schedule for the next couple of weeks as we enter into our transition from our indoor to our outdoor season. Please see below:

May 17th - regular shoot
May 24th - no shoot (grad weekend at school)
May 27th - 3D shoot and start of our regular Monday 3D season
May 31st - indoor shoot (final Friday shoot for season)
June 2nd - indoor tournament (details to follow)

As always, these dates are subject to change, however if you do not see a posting stating otherwise our shoots are a go each week.

Archery Head


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