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NL Wildlife Hunting Regulations changes

The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources has made changes to the provincial Wildlife regulations to permit the use of crossbows to hunt big game and small game species; and the use of .17 calibre HMR ammunition for hunting small game and furbearers. Changes take effect for the 2020 big and small game hunting seasons. 

Find out more here: 

Range D work

From Thursday to Saturday (9-11 July 2020) the trap range will be closed due to work on the traphouses. The clays stations will remain open but please be careful to avoid shot falling in the trap field.

The Exec, SJRGC

July Orientation- GOING AHEAD!

As the province has moved to Covid Alert Level 2 we are reinstating our regular monthly orientation sessions. All of the session will take place outside to allow for easier social distancing, attendees are required to provide their own hand sanitizer and PPE as they feel is necessary. Orientation will take place Sunday July 5th, 10am sharp at the clubhouse (meet on or near the outdoor patio deck), there is no fee or pre-registration required. New applications and renewal applications will be accepted from about 9:30 to 10am. The orientation takes place outside so please dress appropriately for the weather, if the weather is particularly bad we may choose to postpone.

Please check the website before leaving on Sunday in case of last minute cancellations.


Sporting Clays a go!

Summer sporting clays will start this Wednesday July 1st at 2 pm. Keep in mind that there will NOT be food available until further notice due to Covid restrictions so plan accordingly. Sporting Clays shoot cards will be available for purchase on site.

Help Needed!


Significant increases of the Club's green space= we need grass cutting help! Calling for volunteers to either use club's push mower or anyone with a lawn tractor and way to transport it.

Contact Andrea Bassan or cell / text: 709-746-8426 if you can help.

Alert Level 2 Club Response.

Weekly Wednesday Orientations

Update on orientations. There will be a weekly orientation on Wednesday’s starting at 2 pm. No appointment necessary. If there are more than twenty people in attendance, orientations will be done in two groups consecutively. We will update this at a later date once it ends. 




Steel Shoot

We will be starting steel shoots on Tuesdays at 6pm starting tomorrow, 16 June 2020.  Fee will be $5. For contact info call Monty at 746-4147 or Dave Layte 697-0978 . 

Stage 3 New Club Regulations for Usage

Topics of Interest

1) NFA and CCFR have submitted a notice of application regarding the May 1,2020 gun ban. You can find links to the submissions here  

2) A group of local individuals have created a group on facebook for NL Firearms Advocacy. You can find it here: . The page shares articles and information regarding the gun ban. This group is not operated by the SJRGC but it might be of interest to our club members.  

Club Cleanup Days

Please note that ALL Ranges at the club will be closed for Cleanup this Friday and Saturday, 22-23 May 2020.  Because of the Covid Pandemic clean up is going to look a little different. To spread it out, Ranges have been closed for two days. Instead of organized labour, we ask that members go out and work on their own. There is a bin located near the silver garbage bin next to Range B.

Tasks include picking up garbage along the road and in the woods. Repairing target stands and clearing away rocks on the back berms. Rocks can be piled at the foot of the berm and we will have them moved off range. Any junk on the Ranges can be placed in the bin as well.

Remember the Covid19 rules posted on the website. Social distancing of 2 m at all time, stay in your own bubble, ten or less members on each range and use hand sanitizer or gloves especially when handling gate locks etc.

Thanks to all who help. SJRGC Executive

Alert Level 4. New rules and guidlines for the club

Attention alll members! New updated rules and guidlines for Club usage for Alert Stage 4. 

Petition Request

As most of you know, this past Friday the federal government made sweeping changes via order in council with regards to re-classifying over 1500 firearms to prohibited. This was done without proper consultation and no discussion or vote in parliment. Please see the attached petition regarding this absurd policy. 

Remember to confirm your signature. You have to check your email for the confirmation link for your signature to be recorded.

Facebook Members Group Closure

Attention all Members.

The SJRGC Executive has decided to amalgamate our Facebook social media and continue solely with and focus our volunteer efforts on our Offical Facebook Page. Follow our page at to stay updated on the covid-19 situation impact on the club, updates, cancellations, future news, events, photos, shoot winners, and more.

Please be advised that effective Friday, May 8, 2020 our Offical Members Group will be removed and no longer accessible. As members may have photos there they want to save or want to make connections with other members we are giving 3 days’ notice to allow for this. Please save any posts, pictures, or connections from our Members Group page before Friday.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to ongoing communication through the Official SJRGC Facebook page.

SJRGC Executive

Message from

Well folks what many of us most feared has come to pass. The Liberal Government has arbitrarily banned over 1000 firearms. I am truly disgusted and angry as hell. Their next focus will definitely be pistols. Let’s not let that happen. Start writing letters, emails, editorials, make phone calls, sign petitions. Do what ever you can think of to let people know that we are not the bad guys. Speak up, be heard. Don’t take it lying down.

To all of you who have not yet taken any action. Please write a letter or email, make a phone call or take what ever action you can to be heard. We need many voices to get our message across.

Gerry Carr

Chair, Firearms Advocacy Committee

Firearms Rights & Advocacy Committee

Are you opposed to the Liberals circumventing democracy by using an OIC for mass gun bans on legal owners?
Bill Blair 613-995-0284
PMO 613-992-4211
I dare you :)
I have already done so.
Gerry Carr
Firearms Rights & Advocacy Committee

Gate code

Please note that the code for the gate lock, clubhouse and Longbranch will be changed today.  The new code is located on the back of your membership card.

Executive, SJRGC


Membership processing is continuing as normal. Please continue to mail your properly completed renewal form along with payment to the mailing address listed on top of the form. Canada Post has resumed operations although delays in delivery are possible. Emailed forms and electronic payments are unavailable to the club at this time. 
All regular Sunday orientation sessions have been cancelled until further notice. We are replacing this system with a pre-arranged, booked/scheduled system incorporating multiple volunteers. Sessions will take place based on volunteer availability and can occur any day of the week & time in small groups of no more than 5 people (with proper social distancing measures in place). If you prefer a smaller group or a one on one session, please let our membership consultant know when you book your appointment. (more info below). Orientations will continue to be free under this system. 
  • This system will only be for NEW members or members lapsed 3 membership seasons or more. 
  • There will be no membership paperwork taking place at these sessions. We can't accept applications or payments, membership cards will be mailed after the session. 
  • At this time sessions will only be booked for members that have already submitted applications and have been processed to help clear the backlog of people waiting. 
  • Our membership consultant Sandra Ryan will be the point of contact for both volunteer instructors and new members and will coordinate matching members with an instructor. To book an appointment please email her at
The executive has voted on and approved a brand new temporary Orientation Refresher course that will take place via standard mail or email for members who have lapsed for one or two membership seasons. This will greatly reduce the number of people required to attend in person orientations making this whole system faster, more efficient and therefore safer. Members lapsed 3 membership seasons or longer will still have to attend an in person orientation. Members who qualify for this course will be contacted directly by our membership consultant within the next 5-7 days.
Mike Smith

2020 Executive and New Directors

The 2020 AGM was held last week and we would like to extend thanks all members who attended, voted, and voiced their opinions. Elections for the Executive and for 3 director positions were conducted during the AGM. For the executive we have returning Mike Smith (president), Dave Reddin (2nd VP), and Alice Barbour (treasurer). New to the Executive team is Greg Elms filling the 1st VP and Diana Boyd filling the Secretary positions.

Executive (Term 2020-2021)

  • President- Mike Smith
  • 1st VP- Greg Elms
  • 2nd Vice President- Dave Reddin
  • Treasurer- Alice Barbour
  • Secretary- Diana Boyd

There were 3 Board of Directors positions up for election. The first round of voting ended with a tie for 2 of the 3 positions. This results in a second voting round. The Board of Director positions come with a 2 year term. Re-elected for the 2020-2021 term are John Tucker & Gerry Carr. Newly elected to the Board of Directors is Robert Kennedy.

Board of Directors

  • Troy Coldwell
  • Steve Pink
  • Scott Pike
  • John Tucker
  • Gerry Carr
  • Robert Kennedy

We would like to thank all members who put their names in for nomination. Our Executive and Board of Director members will strive to provide top services, supports, and promote the club for all club members.

All Archery Shoots Cancelled Until Further Notice.

Due to recent changes in relation to the covid-19 situation, the NLschool board has cancelled all use of gyms for community groups.
Due to this, all archery shoots have been cancelled until the situation changes. We will update you as soon as the situation changes. 


Congratulations to Jeff Thomas who is a member of the Tankard winning team Gushue at this year's Briar. Jeff is also a member of SJRGC.

Well done Jeff.

Club Road

Monday, 9 March 2020. Club road is open up to the clubhouse. The road is very icy especially in parking lots so be careful. Also road is narrow in places. We are running out of places to shove the snow.

The paths to the outhouses are not dug out so if someone could take that on it would be appreciated.

The Executive

Proposed Hunting Regulation Changes

The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources is seeking input from the general public and stakeholders to help inform the review of the following hunting regulations:

  • Aligning of Island Moose Management Area (MMA) season starting dates
  • Permitting hunting with crossbows
  • Permitting the use of small calibre [.17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR)] rifle ammunition

A public survey has been posted at with a further explanation of the proposed changes.  We encourage all club members and the general public to participate in this survey and consider the potential impact of these changes.

Here are a few questions to consider when responding to the survey:

  • Would Eastern Newfoundland moose hunters benefit if the season is extended by three weeks and opens three weeks earlier than our normal first Saturday in October start date?
  • Could there be an impact on Eastern Newfoundland’s moose population if our season is lengthened by an additional three weeks?
  • Would outdoor enthusiasts (hikers, berry pickers etc.) on the East Coast be impacted if the moose season starts three weeks earlier (second Saturday in September)?
  • Will bowhunter’s on the East Coast be negatively impacted if the two week archery pre-season begins on the last Saturday in August?
  • If crossbows are legalized, when will they be permitted for use – during rifle season, during archery season or both?
  • Will there be a requirement for crossbow hunter education if they are legalized for hunting?

These are just a few questions to consider when responding to the survey.  The survey closes on April 3rd. 

You can use this link if you want to share this post on your social media page.

Executive Committee

AGM Election Process

Since the club AGM is fast approaching, this note is just to let you know the procedures for the election of club Executive and Board of Directors. Each year, a Nominating Committee is tasked with finding a good candidate for each position. This list of candidates will be presented at the AGM for consideration by members and vote. Other members wanting to run can do so by putting their name forward at the AGM. They will require a seconder.

Nominations Committee

Archery Shoot Updates

Due to events at our shoot location, changes in the archery schedule will be made over the next few weeks.  There will be No archery tomorrow Friday March 6th.   Our commitee head was able to procure a make up date for Sunday March 8th from 3:30-5:30p.  Due to other events, please do not show up any earlier than 3:30pm. We will shoot till 5:15 and then members have  to help with the take down so that we can be out by 5:30,

Club's Rss feed fixed

It was recently noticed that the club's news rss feed url wasn't working. It has been fixed as of now. If you use the feed, you may have to re-connect it to your rss feeder of choice.   


March Orientation - GOING AHEAD

As of right now Snowfall forecasted for Sunday will start in the afternoon/evening so orientation will be going ahead Sunday March 1st 10am sharp at the clubhouse, there is no fee or pre-registration required. New applications and renewal applications will be accepted from about 9:30 to 10am. Part of the orientation takes place outside so please dress appropriately for the weather, if the weather is particularly bad we will conduct most or all of the orientation inside.

Please check the website before leaving on Sunday in case of last minute cancellations. 

Archery Cancelled for Tomorrow

Attention archery members. Due to an event in the gym this weekend there will be no archery tomorrow night.

Annual General Meeting

Good Day Folks,

Our Annual General Meeting newsletter and membership renewal form has gone in the mail so all 2019 club members should be receiving them very soon. Our newsletter was delayed due to the State of Emergency declared in St. John's after a record breaking snowstorm back in January. Unfortunately that was the same week the newsletter was originally set to be printed and mailed. The executive proposed, voted and passed a motion to delay our Annual General Meeting from February 27th to March 12th to allow for 30 days notice to our members of the meeting. 

Our AGM will take place on Thursday March 12th, 2020, 7pm at the Elk's Club on Carpasian Road in St. John's. We encourage every member to attend to learn what took place at the club last year, to hear what we have planned for the upcoming year and to have your say as well. Attendees must have been a member in good standing in 2019.


Mike Smith, President, SJRGC

Delta Waterfowl Dinner Evening

St. Valentines Shoot

The sporting clays annual St. Valentines Shoot went ahead on Saturday, 15 February 2020.  It was a fun shoot inspite of the cold and deep snow. 

The homemade soup for lunch was very welcome after a couple of hours in the cold outdoors. Thanks to those who arrived early and helped with shovelling and set up.

Sporting Clays Comm.

Archery Shoot update

If weather cooperates tonight our regular archery shoot will be going ahead. If the freezing rain makes for dangerous driving conditions, a decision to cancel will be made between 5:30-6pm tonight. Regardless, you are asked to make your own decision regarding hitting the roads tonight as we are unable to tell the driving conditions in all locations.
A makeup shoot has been scheduled for this Sunday morning from 9-11am.

February Orientation Postponed

Orientation Scheduled for February 2nd has been postponed until next Sunday February 9th due to the pending forecast of heavy snow. 

We do not want people travelling to or from the club in weather that poses a significant safety risk. 

See you next week!


Club Renewal Forms

Renewals will be going in the mail early next week. This delay is due to the blizzard and the State of Emergency impacting the printers and Canada Post operations.

February Orientation

Orientation will be going ahead rain or shine Sunday February 2nd 10am sharp at the clubhouse, there is no fee or pre-registration required. New applications and renewal applications will be accepted from about 9:30 to 10am. Part of the orientation takes place outside so please dress appropriately for the weather, if the weather is particularly bad we will conduct most or all of the orientation inside.

Please check the website before leaving on sunday in case of last minute cancellations.

Archery Cancelation dates

Due to the inability to access the gym for indoor shooting, the following fridays archery is cancelled. 

  • Jan 24 - cancelled
  • Jan 31 - cancelled
  • Feb 7 - to be determined

We will advise of any changes as they occur.

Greg Elms


URGENT REQUEST FROM Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR)

Attention members of the St. John’s Rod and Gun Club. Please view the following video:
Also , just a reminder, the Club AGM is coming up in February. Please come out and support you Club. Watch the Club website for details.
Gerry Carr
Firearms Advocacy Committee

No archery

Due to continuing state of emrgency, there will be no archery this evening.  

There may also be scheduling conflicts over the next two weeks as well. Notification will be sent later in the week to confirm the next couple of shoot s.

CANCELLED:Sporting Clays- Leo's Invitational

Leo's Invitational is cancelled for this year. Hopefully conditions will improve and we will have our February shoot.

AGM Notices

RESULTS-Santa's Challenge

Santas Challenge went off in fine weather.  A very fun course was set by our target setters.   Twenty two shooters participated.  Top gun was Steve at 64, Bob with 58, and Leo with 57.  Top lady shooter was Nina with 46 and Jack our Junior with 46.

As always many thanks to all the people who make these shoots possible.  These include the chefs in the kitchen, target setters, and those who helped set and clean up.

Merry Christmas to all and all the best for a safe holiday.

Sporting Clays Comm.

Sample Content

Archery Transition Dates

Update for the archery shoot schedule for the next couple of weeks as we enter into our transition from our indoor to our outdoor season. Please see below:

May 17th - regular shoot
May 24th - no shoot (grad weekend at school)
May 27th - 3D shoot and start of our regular Monday 3D season
May 31st - indoor shoot (final Friday shoot for season)
June 2nd - indoor tournament (details to follow)

As always, these dates are subject to change, however if you do not see a posting stating otherwise our shoots are a go each week.

Archery Head


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