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PCC Black Badge Course

April Sporting Clays Results

After some significant delays due to winter conditions, the club was able to have another monthly sporting clays shoot on April 6th. A total of 23 shooters came out for a fun day with cool but cooperative weather.

For a little added fun, there were some small prizes for the morning 50 targets, using Lewis Classes. The winners were:

        A class - Herb Butt with a 38
        B class - Tie between Billy Guest and Edgar Coffey, both with a 32
        C class - Tie between Bob Adams and Spencer Isaacs, both with a 26

(Honourary mention to Peter Tucker who shot the course with a .410 with impressive results!)

After lunch, the club was pleased to present Peter and Nick, two juniors with the club, with awards in recognition of their completion of various shooting related challenges through the club’s GunQuest youth program. Congratulations Peter and Nick!

A big thanks to everyone who helped with setup and takedown, and especially to the kitchen folks who provided a lovely beef soup and sandwich lunch. Also a thank you to Delta Waterfowl and Coastal Outdoors, who previously provided the prizes to the club.

Lock code changeover

Hi folks, on Wednesday, 10 April 2024, the lock codes for the main gate, ranges shed, clubhouse and clubhouse storage locker will be changed to the new code. New code can be found on the back of your 2024 membership card. 


May Saturday Sporting Clays


Hi folks, Saturday, 11 May 2024 will see our next Saturday shoot for 2024. Of course, it is weather dependent.

Lunch is available for $5. Register at 9:30 and shoot at 10:30 am. We will have 50 targets in the morning and another 50 in the afternoon. Target fees are $32 or 4 card punches. Cards are $90 for 12 punches. A round of 50 is 2 punches. Juniors are half price but lunch for Juniors is $5.

Remember to bring your ammo (7 1/2 shot or smaller). Also eye and ear protection. All members welcome.

Please email Herb if you are coming.

Sporting Clays Exec.

Orientation Session Sunday April 14 2024 GOING AHEAD

Our next new/lapsed member orientation session will be going ahead on Sunday APRIL 14, 2024 10am sharp at the clubhouse, there is no fee or pre-registration required. Don't forget, if your membership is lapsed 1, 2 or 3 membership seasons you can contact our membership coordinator and partake in our email Orientation Refresher course instead of attending in person. 

New applications and renewal applications/payments will be accepted from about 9:30 to 10am. Part of the orientation session takes place outside so please dress appropriately for the weather.

Please check the website before leaving on Sunday in case of last minute cancellations.

Also, a full list of our regularly scheduled orientation sessions is now live on the Membership Information page (green button on home page). 

Club Trap Shooters in Florida

Recently when the snow at the club was its deepest four club members in desperation traveled to Florida to shoot at the Silver Dollar sports club.


Membership Process News

There have been several enquires recently about the status of SJRGC membership applications. Please be aware that Membership applications/renewals are being processed as fast as possible.
Some delay occurred with the change in membership fees. But if you mailed in your form and payment, be assured they are being dealt with.
Please be patient. SJRGC Exec.

Club Road Conditions

March 20 - the club road is now open. Some places have heavy drifting. Also ice under the snow so be careful when walking about.

Freezing locks are always a problem this time of year. There is ice under the snow presenting a slipping hazard. So be careful out there.


February 29, 2024 AGM Results

Good Morning Everyone,

Last night we held our 2024 Annual General Meeting which was attended by a great group of members, a larger number than many of the previous AGM's, thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to come out. 

Last night the membership voted and approved an increase in membership fees, the first such change since 2015. This equates to an increase of $20.00 per member regardless of classification. This was done to keep up with increasing operating costs to the club, the basic rate of spousal and junior members no longer covered these basic costs. Details will appear as a pop up screen and can be viewed on the Membership Information page. 

This was my 10th and final term as President of the St. John's Rod and Gun Club. It has been a long stretch with many projects accomplished, but it is time for a break and a fresh face and new ideas. I'm proud to announce that 2023 SJRGC Director George Jenner was voted in uncontested and is our new club president. George and the new executive will do a fantastic job running the club and keeping it the premier club and shooting facility in Atlantic Canada. 

Thank you to all SJRGC members for your support and confidence over the past 10 years, it certainly means a lot to me. I will of course stay on as Past President and will continue with some of the duties I have taken on over the past decade. Please check the Contact Us page to view the 2024 SJRGC Executive Board members.  

Mike Smith

Past President SJRGC

Membership Fee Changes for 2024

Good day everyone,

Membership fees have been unchanged since 2015, the club has been subject to increasing costs in all aspects of our operation. With that in mind at our February 29, 2024 Annual General Meeting, the club membership voted in favour of a motion to increase membership fees as detailed below.  This was recommended by the executive board so the club can operate at the same rate of income vs expenses as in past years. The revised changes will add $20 equally to ALL club members regardless of classification as the basic costs for junior and spousal memberships were no longer being covered at the old rates. Corporate members and range rentals have been increased as well. 

  • Standard Membership: formerly $100 per year, increased to $120 & subsequently $360 for 3-year.
  • Standard plus Partner/Spouse: formerly $130 per year, increased to $170 & subsequently $510 for 3-year.
  • Junior (Age 18 and under): formerly $30 per year, increased to $50 (no 3-year option for junior memberships)
  • Corporate memberships fee increased from $750 to $900 per year.
  • Range rental for Corporate non-member entities increased from $156.25 to $190.00 per day, per range, plus the per person fee as described below:
    • Per Person Per Day Range Fee increased from $18.75 to $22.50 per person, per day.

Memberships postmarked up to and including February 29, 2024 will be honoured at the old rate. However as many members expressed interest in submitting payment at the new rate, all such members are welcome to submit the $20/per year difference. Note: THIS IS NOT MANDATORY only voluntary. Please include a note with your name and/or membership number with your payment. 

Click here to download our membership application Form

Delta Waterfowl

SJRGC - Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting of the St. John’s Rod and Gun Club will take place on Thursday, February 29th, 2024, 7PM at the Elks Club Lodge 245, 19 Carpasian Road, St. John’s.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend.  Membership renewals will be accepted from 6:30 PM – 7 PM. 

The official newsletter with AGM notification are in the mail and on the way. Just like every other year, we have a grace period to get membership renewals processed and distributed to our members. Therefore your 2023 membership cards and liability insurance are valid through the month of April. Lapsed memberships only occur after 12 months or one full membership season having been missed.

Mike Smith



Red Rifle Shoot

The annual Red Rifle match will be held on Ranges B and C  this coming Sunday, November 26 from 9 am to 4 pm. The match consists a number of stages on the rifle and pistol ranges and focuses on USSR era firearms such as the Mosin Nagant, the SKS and the Makarov  pistol. If participants do not have access to the firearms they may simply bring 7.62×54mmR, 7.62×39mm (aka 7.62 Soviet) and  9×18mm Makarov ammunition.  You may, of course, also use any other rifle or hand gun you may have. 
There will be a number of stages with targets at 25 yards (or less), 50, 100 and 200 yards. 
This is a fun event and targets will be scored for the purposes of bragging rights. A traditional Russian lunch will  be provide and there will be a fee of $5.00. All SJRGC members and their guests are welcome. Please direct any questions to Mike Saunders at



Date change Turkey Shoot

Hi folks, due to the forecasted poor weather on Saturday we have decided to change the Turkey Shoot to Sunday(5 November 2023).  Same shoot(s) activities but with a change in the day.

Also don’t forget that clocks fall back an hour overnight Saturday.

Hope to see you there on Sunday.

Steel Challenge(Turkey Shoot)

There will be a Steel Challenge Shoot during our Turkey Shoot.Any club member who would like to try it out but doesn't have a pistol is welcome. Just bring some 9 mm ammo with you. There will be a pistol and supervision for you there.

Steel Challenge Comm. 

Turkey Shoot 2023

Sample Content

Memorial/Turkey Shoot

Shoot Details
Members of the St. John's Rod and Gun Club have missed hosting the Turkey Shoot and Memorial Shoot and feel it’s time to get together again to remember those that were once a part of our club, but are no longer with us, and for the delicious turkey meal. 
A combined Memorial Shoot / Turkey Shoot on Saturday, November 4. All friends, shooters (all skill levels) and guests are welcome.
We’ll have the usual events plus a mini sporting clays and mini trap event for those new to the sport(s) to try.
Details on an archery and pistol / steel shoot will be coming. Stay tuned.
The Club will also be having a fundraiser for the Community Food Sharing Association. Cash donations will be accepted.
In case of a poor weather forecast for November 4th, the shoot will be moved to Sunday November 5. Stay tuned to the club's website ( for updates.
Registration for Sporting Clays and Trap
Registration. 9 AM. Sporting Clays shooting starts at 10 AM sharp. Trap to follow immediately after.
Sporting Clays
75 Sporting Clay Targets.
Cost: $25 or 3 sporting clay card punches.
Juniors 1/2 price.
Trap Information
Event 1: John Molloy Singles
50 Trap Singles. Cost $12.50 or 2 trap card punches.
Juniors: 1/2 price.
Event 2: Memorial Doubles
25 pair of Doubles (50 targets). Cost: $12.50  or 2 trap card punches.
Juniors 1/2 price.
Event 3: Dave Anstey High Overall
Top Score of Events 1 and 2

Event 4: Roger Bidgood Team Shoot
Award to Team with highest score.
Teams picked at random
General Trap and Sporting Clays Info
Registration. 9 AM. Shooting starts at 10 AM sharp.
Shooters must provide their own ammunition. Target loads are most suitable. Shot size is limited to 7.5 and smaller.
Eye and hearing protection is required.
Please have exact change for payment.
Trap Cards will be available for purchase. $70 for 12 trap rounds.
Sporting Clay Cards will be available. $80 for 12 rounds.
General Information
Lunch: $5.
Turkey Dinner: $15. Please RSVP to Herb Butt ( by October 29th. Limited seating of 50.
Steel Shoot Information

There will be a Steel Challenge Shoot during our Turkey Shoot. Any club member who would like to try it out but doesn't have a pistol is welcome. Just bring some 9 mm ammo with you. There will be a pistol and supervision for you there.


Tony Mackey Memorial Steel Shoot

The Tony Mackey Memorial Steel Shoot will take place on Sunday, October 15 (weather permitting). Start time 9:30 am. Match fee is $5. This shoot is open to all Club members.
There will be 12 courses of fire: 3 standard steel challenge courses on Range A; 4 courses on Range C (Minefield, Tag Team Pistol, One Step Two Step - Reverse); and 5 courses on Range B (Give Em Both Barrels, Long Range, Lone Ranger, Tag Team (pistol and rifle). Note the Tag Team courses. 
Rifle (PCC), pistol/revolver and shotgun are required if you shoot all the courses.  Courses on Range A and C require only pistol or revolver.  Two courses (Tag Team and Long Range) require rifle and pistol. Give Em both Barrels requires shotgun and pistol/revolver, and Lone Ranger requires pistol/revolver, shotgun and rifle.
Do not feel obligated to shoot all the courses. We will accommodate less experienced shooters and/or those without holsters.
Round count (minimum) - 102 pistol, 18 rifle,  12 shotgun.  For the purposes of this match PCC is considered a "rifle". On GIve Em Both Barrels and Lone Ranger maximum load per pistol is 6 and shotgun 2.
IF YOU INTEND TO COME - PLEASE INFORM US (, so we can squad shooters if there are sufficient numbers. 


Notice for Ranges A B C Users

The ranges at the St. John’s Rod and Gun Club are very busy. There are many groups training there during the workweek and club members using it in the evenings and weekends. With increased usage, our ranges can become cluttered and messy and create a potential safety hazard. Club members spend a considerable amount of time keeping our ranges clean and if we aren’t careful conditions can deteriorate quickly. 

When using any of the ranges, please do the following before leaving the range:

- clean up when you are finished which includes: removing your used targets from the stands; picking up empty hulls/brass; removing your garbage

- keep the area around the safety table(s) and gun stands clear;

- no target stands, tables or other materials are to be left forward of the shooting line, unless it has been permanently installed by the club; and,

- in particular, for Range C, ensure that nothing is left on the Range floor forward of the 25 m signs;

These rules apply to all individual users, groups and corporate/rental users. 

Rental/corporate users can be given designated, temporary storage areas at a range by permission of the club. 

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our ranges neat and tidy and ready for the next user.

If you have any questions/concerns about range use contact:


New Club Email Notification System

Hello members of St. John’s Rod and Gun Club, past and present. I am reaching out today to inform you that our new subscription based email notification system is up and running. This system is free and you will only receive email notifications after you sign up, where you can choose to subscribe to the following email lists:

     Archery, General Club News, IPSC NL, Ladies League, Pistol Steel Shoot, Sporting Clays and Trap.
     To subscribe please click the Subscribe button below or visit our website and click the “Mailing List Management” button right on the main page.
     There you will enter your email address, confirm your address, a verification code will be emailed to you, enter that code and you will now see the subscription menu. Here you can click the boxes to sign up for news from the club and any groups you are interested in. You can also re-visit the subscription system later to add/delete yourself to/from the various options.
     Email notifications will include upcoming events, cancelled/postponed events, general news and more. This system is open to both members and the general public, so information presented will be chosen accordingly. We look forward to providing our subscribers with easier and easier access to valuable club information throughout the shooting season. Stay safe, and hopefully we will see you on the range!
Mike Smith

Range B Notice

A backhoe will be removing rocks from the stands on Range B, Wednesday evening (31 May 2023).  This is essential work to keep our range safe so please co-operate with the contractor do his work. The range isn’t closed as it will only take 30 minutes but if asked just have a short ceasefire. Thank you for your co-operation.

Club Exec.

2023 Trapshooting Season


Hi folks.

The 2023 trapshooting season at the St. John's Rod and Gun Club kicks off on Sunday, May 14.
Sunday shoots will run from 12 noon to 4 PM. We'll also be having a Thursday evening shoot from 5-7 PM starting in June and running until late August.
Please note that we will be increasing trap target fees to $6 a round (25 targets) this year to help offset rising target and fuel costs. We'll also be moving towards a Trap Card system. A $70 card will get you 12 rounds - a small savings over the cash price. Juniors still shoot for 1/2 price. New prices will be in effect June 1st.If you wish to pay for your targets using cash, exact change is required.
Are you interested in helping with the administrative side of things this year? I'm looking for a volunteer to help collect the daily trap fees and submit the revenue to the club executive on a monthly basis. If you're interested please let me know. I will continue to handle the paperwork for the ATA Shoots and will help with the larger fun shoots also.
The club is developing a subscription based notification system for all club related news. Stay tuned to the club's website for details. The trap group will use this for trap announcements and for weather related cancellations. Until that's setup and running you can call, text or email me.
We have a busy trapshooting season planned this year and have a full slate of ATA Registered Shoots scheduled. If you're not an ATA shooter you can still participate on scheduled ATA shoot days - we'll have traps open for recreational shooters.
We're also planning the return of the Memorial and Turkey Shoots. Stay tuned for more details.
See you at the club!
Andrea Bassan
ATA Registered Shoot Dates
May 28 - National Trap Day
June 18 - Eastern Classic

June 28 - July 2
Canadian Championships
Brandon Gun Club. Brandon, MB

July 23 - NL Trap Championships

August 13 - August Shoot

August 27 - Atlantics Warm Up
August 30 - September 3
Atlantic Provinces ATA Shoot
Highland Gun Club. Yarmouth, NS

October 1 - Fall Classic
Club Shoots
August 20 - Memorial Shoot
November 5 (tentative date) - Turkey Shoot

Lock code changes

All club members note that the new gate code will be in place tomorrow. Members can find the new code on the back of their 2023-24 membership card.

Club Exec.

Firearms Survey

Hi folks, 

The link below goes to a survey on gun control measures. The survey is being done by a Professor at Laurier University on public perception of gun control. There is a full description on the link that describes the purpose of the survey. Members should check it out and participate as they wish.

Welcome to our survey “Liberal Gun Control Reforms in Canada: Effective Measures for Reducing Gun Crime or Attacks on Civil Liberties?”

AGM reminder and Nominations Committee

Hello everyone,

Just a reminder that our annual general meeting is coming up next on Thursday February 23rd, please see full announcement below or as mailed out earlier this year for details. 

The nominations committee is hard at work seeking club members to fill roles on the 2023 executive board, many are returning but some are finished and need to be filled. 

First I would like to thank Alice Barbour for all of her hard work over the last 9 years as Treasurer of the St. John's Rod and Gun Club. Alice has done a fantastic often thankless job, but one that is a leading reason for the success of the club over the last decade. As Alice is not seeking re-election at this time, we need a volunteer to take on this very important role. The ideal candidate would have some background in general accounting and book work, however any necessary training can and will be supplied as you will be working directly with the club's accounting firm MNP who have fantastic support staff. 

There are also 3 director positions that need to be filled each year. Directors are not just a voice on the executive board but are also an active part of running the club. Directors are not only expected to partake in in-person & electronic correspondence, but also actively work on projects, groups and/or events at the club. 

If you're interested in furthering your enjoyment of the club by joining the executive board, please contact the Nominations Committee Chairperson Andrea Bassan at


Mike Smith

President SJRGC

Meeting with Pierre Poilievre December 10, 2022

Good morning everyone,

For over three years the Canadian firearms community has faced unprecedented attack from our federal government, first with the re-classification of over 1500 firearms to prohibited, then a lockdown on the sale & transfer of all handguns, and most recently the addition of thousands of semi-automatic shotguns & rifles to the prohibited class. Meanwhile no improvements have been made to curb the flow of black market firearms into our country even though they are the devices used in the majority of firearm related crime.  

As firearms enthusiasts, we have had no successful recourse on these radical policies of the Trudeau Government. Hundreds of letters have been sent only to be met with no reply or a polite reply that your concern has been received. Requests for meetings have gone unanswered from our local Liberal MP’s who undoubtedly will simply tow the party line on the issue regardless of the needs of their constituents. The silence has been deafening and frustrating.

But I have some good news, we are no longer alone in our quest for reasonable & responsible firearm legislation. This past weekend the honourable Pierre Poilievre, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, leader of His Majesties Loyal Opposition and future Prime Minister of Canada met with representatives of the Firearms Community at the St. John’s Rod and Gun Club for a roundtable discussion on bill C-21.

The firearms community was thoroughly represented by all gun clubs across the island via delegates; the sport shooting community including all action pistol groups & clay target shooters; hunters; collectors; and firearms shop owners including Complete Gun Repairs, Outdoor Pros, and Coastal Outdoors. Our concerns were made perfectly clear in open discussion and in one on one conversation with Mr. Poilievre.

His response is that he vows to repeal bill C-21 in its entirety and rebuild the firearms act from the ground up taking input and guidance from ALL affected parties including shooters, hunters, nay sayers, law enforcement and more.

This was a historic occasion, one of the most momentous in our club’s history to have had the honour of a politician of power and influence grant us an audience to hear our concerns. I believe there was a major take away from this event, at the beginning Mr. Poilievre’s talk mentioned hunters affected by bill C-21 but after this event focus has been added to Sport Shooters as well in publications by Mr. Poilievre’s team.

It was an honour to have been a part of this event and I look forward to working with the Conservative Party of Canada on this issue and their bid in the next election. In all reality it’s our only recourse against this egregious attack from the governing party. In the mean time every single one of us need to spread the news to friends, family, co-workers and more to at least listen to Pierre Poilievre’s policies and standpoints on issues facing Canadian’s, once they do I believe they will be pleasantly surprised and we can turn the tide in the next election.


Mike Smith


St. John's Rod and Gun Club




This is to accommodate Newfoundland Hydro who will have staff on the transmission line inside our safety zone performing Inspection & Maintenace duties. 

Tony Mackey Memorial Shoot

The annual Tony Mackey Memorial Shoot will be held on Sunday, 6 November 2022. Tony was a long time member of the club who served on the Executive and did much good work for the club.

Just an early heads up that this mega steel shoot will be held on Sunday November 6th. More details will follow, but there will be two Steel Challenge set courses and another set course on Range A in the morning and a variety of steel courses on Range C (booked for the whole day). 

Those in IDPA or IPSC may have some courses that involve shooting and moving and we will have optional set place courses for other shooters. Please put this event in your calendar.

Wrench for clays launchers

Unfortunately, the wrenches used for the mechanical clay launchers seem to have legs and keep walking away. To ensure that you have a wrench for the launcher bracket, it is recommended that members bring a 3/4” box wrench with them when going to the club to shoot clay targets.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Trap - Provincial Championships

The 2022  NL Trapshooting Championships will be held on Sunday, August 14.
We're holding a satellite shoot with the St. John's Rod and Gun Club and Stephenville Gun Club participating. Scores will be submitted to the shoot committee and class winners declared from all those participating.
This shoot will be great practice and warm up for the Atlantic Provinces Trapshooting Championships being held Sept. 1 to 4 at the St. John's Rod and Gun Club.
Schedule of Events
Event 1: 100 Singles
Event 2: 100 Handicap
Event 3: 100 Doubles
- $20 per event plus a daily ATA / APTA Fees of $7.50.
- 1/2 price targets for Juniors
Additional Info
- ATA Memberships are required. I have 5 complimentary ATA memberships for first time members,
- Shooters need not shoot the entire schedule but must shoot a complete event (i.e. 100 targets)
- contact Andrea Bassan if you have any questions
See you at the shoot!

Red Rifle Shoot - CHANGE OF DATE

IDPANL takes great pleasure in hosting the annual Red Rifle/Military Surplus shoot on SUNDAY JULY 10th, first round down range at 10 am. Be there at 9:30 for registration and squad assignment. 
This event is always a crowd pleaser and we hope this year will be no exception. This year we are featuring the following events:
*10 rounds rifle at 200 yards (5 kneeling, 5 standing)
*10 rounds rifle at 100 yards (5 kneeling, 5 standing) 
*mad minute - how many times can you hit the gong in 60 seconds?
*2 person sniper team - 5 rounds each
*2 gun ping rinse repeat. You’ll have to come and see for yourself what this one is about. 
*a real live head to head pistol duel. Are you the next top gun? 
Soviet era rifles such as SKS and Mosin Nagant and other military surplus rifle such as Lee Enfields are preferred but exceptions will be made. Bring your handgun .38 or bigger or just bring ammo such as 9mm, we’ll do the rest. 
Come and shoot them all for bragging rights or pick the events that interest you. A special lunch will be provided. Bring water to drink. 

Help Wanted Trap Field

Help Wanted
Interested in helping complete Phase 4 of the club's Trap Improvement Project? We're just about done. All that's needed is a little landscaping and hydroseeding.
We'll have a backhoe on site to do the heavy lifting of the topsoil, we just need some help placing the topsoil and raking level to prepare for hydroseeding. After the hydroseeding is done, we'll need to water the area every second day to help the seed germinate.
And the grass could use mowing again.
If you can help please contact (call or text) Andrea at 709-746-8426.

WEEKEND REMINDERS - Clean-up Orientation & IDPA Open House

REMINDER: We will be holding our annual cleanup day on Saturday June 4, 2022. All Ranges will be closed for the day to ensure the safety of clean up volunteers. Cleanup day starts at 9am and will run until the work is complete, however all volunteer help is appreciate if you show up late or have to leave early.

The rifle/pistol ranges and target stands need quite a bit of work to remain compliant with our license to operate and we need as many volunteers as possible to lend a hand. This is a great way for members to give back to the club with some basic volunteer labour. 

Heavy equipment will be on site to do the hard work of re-shaping back stops, re-setting concrete post holders and repair water drainage. Volunteers are needed to collect wind-strewn garbage, rake the back stops and help rebuild the target stands. 

The ranges can be made absolutely beautiful, but only with YOUR help. Please contact president Mike Smith if you are able to come out for the day or even a couple of hours.


ORIENTATION - Sunday June 5th:

Our next new/lapsed member orientation session will be going ahead on Sunday June 5, 2022 10am sharp at the clubhouse, there is no fee or pre-registration required. There is another group using the clubhouse so we will be conducting the orientation session outside. Meet Mike near the flagpole in front of the clubhouse building. Don't forget, if your membership is lapsed 1, 2 or 3 membership seasons you can contact our membership coordinator and partake in our email Orientation Refresher course instead of attending in person. 

New applications and renewal applications/payments will be accepted from about 9:30 to 10am. Part of the orientation session takes place outside so please dress appropriately for the weather.

Also, a full list of our regularly scheduled orientation sessions is now live on the Membership Information page (green button on home page). 


IDPA-NL Open House Sunday June 5th:

Reminder that IDPA-NL will be holding an open house event on Range C Sunday June 5th 2022. The event is scheduled for 12-4pm, there is no charge for this event. 

Monday Evening Archery

Our 2022 Outdoor Archery season will commence this coming Monday, 7 June 2022 and run until mid-September. Are you new to archery or bow hunting in general? We welcome new members to join our sport. Come out to practice, meet other archery & bow hunting enthusiasts or simply enjoy a night on the range utilising our field of 3D targets. Have you missed out on archery shoots over the last 2 years? We welcome shooters new and old to come out and get back in the routine of regular Monday evening events. 

Greg Elms


For Immediate Release:

May 31, 2022

As many of you know, yesterday the Governing Party of Canada tabled sweeping changes in firearms legislation that will have a very hurtful impact on sensible, law abiding firearms owners, and the business & clubs that support them nation wide. Among the changes to the revised bill C-21, the most pronounced is a potential Freeze on the sale and transfer of handguns. If put in place as presented, this will likely be the end of safe, responsible, sanctioned pistol shooting in Canada within a generation. IPSC, IDPA, Cowboy Action and local steel challenge shoots will undoubtedly come to an end.

The St. John’s Rod and Gun Club is highly supportive of actions which make our communities safer from illegal firearm related activities. However we state: “The SJRGC is vehemently opposed to actions by our federal government that unfairly target and negatively impact safe, sensible, law abiding firearms owners. This freeze will do nothing to make our communities safer; meanwhile criminals already prohibited from possessing firearms continue to obtain them via illegal channels”.

Earlier this week VOCM News reported that 4 individuals were arrested in relation to a series of recent shootings in the St. John’s metro area. The article stated that a number of ILLEGALLY OWNED FIREARMS were seized from the Brookfield Road area in connection to the ongoing investigation.

The tragedy that took place in Nova Scotia in 2020 were committed by a man already prohibited from possessing firearms, this man brought the firearms used in that tragedy into Canada illegally across the border.

I have been involved in the firearms community in shooting & hunting sports for almost 20 years and on the board of the SJRGC for over a decade. Canada is not a free for all with regards to firearms ownership or use. Canadians holding a valid Possession Acquisition License are amongst the most vetted (by the RCMP) Canadians in the country. Canadian firearm owners adhere to strict regulations with regard to safe storage and transportation of restricted and non-restricted firearms.

It is my common sense opinion that making more rules will do nothing to cure the actions of seasoned criminals operating across the country. These people don’t follow the rules already in place so they will continue with their illegal activities and simply violate additional rules while responsible firearm owners are unfairly penalized.

We need policy that strengthens local and federal law enforcement to rid criminals and organised crime from our communities. We need policy to strengthen our law enforcement presence at the border and stop the flow of illegal firearms flowing into the hands of criminals.

Now more than ever, please follow and support both of our national bodies, the National Firearms Association and the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights.


Written by: Mike Smith

President St. John’s Rod and Gun Club

Approved by the Executive Board of Directors

Thursday Evening Trap

Hi everyone, 

As a trial for the month of June, trap will be offered on Thursday evenings from 5 to 8 pm. It begins on June 2. If it proves popular then it will be continued for the summer. So come out and meet Christian and Andrea.

IDPA NL Open House Sunday June 5, 2022


Evening Sporting Clays Postponed

Given the crappy weather forecasted for Wednesday, evening sporting clays is postponed until Thursday, 19 May. See you there. 

Sporting Clays Comm.

Clean Up Day - Saturday May 28, 2022

We will be holding our annual cleanup day on Saturday May 28, 2022. The rifle/pistol ranges and target stands need quite a bit of work after this harsh winter and we need as many volunteers as possible to lend a hand. This is a great way for members to give back to the club with some basic volunteer labour. 

Heavy equipment will be on site to do the hard work of re-shaping back stops, re-setting concrete post holders and repair water drainage. Volunteers are needed to collect wind-strewn garbage, rake the back stops and rebuild the target stands. 

The ranges can be made absolutely beautiful, but only with YOUR help. Please contact president Mike Smith if you are able to come out for the day or even a couple of hours. Contact

2022 Trap Opener Shoot

Good news! The traps are installed and we’re ready to kick off the 2022 Trapshooting season this Sunday, May 8. Setup is 11 AM. Shooting is at 12 noon. 
We have a busy summer planned with our Sunday shoots, regularly scheduled ATA Registered Shoots, the NL Trapshooting Championships and the Atlantic Provinces Trapshooting Championships.
There’s also some talks about having a Thursday evening shoot this summer. If you interested, let me know.
If you’re interested in ATA registered shooting but haven’t tried it yet, I have 5 complimentary memberships for first time members. This is a great year to join as we’re hosting the Atlantic Provinces ATA Provincial Shoot. Check out and for more details. 
And for some exciting news, we have a new sponsor on board for this year - Rizzini Firearms. A Rizzini demo day shoot is being planned for this summer and we’ll have demo guns available for you to try. You can check out the entire line of Rizzini shotguns on If there’s a particular model you’d like to demo let me know. 
I’d also like some help with the administrative side of things this year. If you’re interested, please contact me.
See you Sunday. 
Andrea Bassan
Trap Chairman


AED Defibrillators

The AEDs have new batteries and are operational. There is one located in the clubhouse and another in the Longbranch shed beside Range B.

The Executive, SJRGC

Evening Sporting Clays

Please note that evening summer sporting clays will commence at 4 pm on 18th May, 2022. Everyone including new and old sporting clay shooters are welcome. A lunch will be provided for $5. Clay targets are 2 punches for a round of 50 targets. A punch card is$60. For those who prefer cash the cost is $15 for a round of 50 targets. Juniors are half price.

Sporting Clays Comm.

Club Gate Codes

Please note that the club lock codes have changed. The new code is recorded on your 2022 membership card. The new code is for the main gate, Longbranch shed, clubhouse and mechanical clay target launcher box.

SJRGC Executive

Membership Renewals 2022

Hello Everyone, I wanted to make a brief announcement regarding membership renewals for 2022 and our Annual General Meeting. 

An official announcement regarding the AGM will be coming mid next week as we finalise plans to host our meeting soon now that covid public health orders are being eased here in our province. 

We have pushed back the release of our annual newsletter so that we can send the document with accurate AGM information instead of sending an uninformative document. Normally these are mailed in January when Covid Level 4 restrictions were in full force. 

We have been receiving a steady flow of membership renewals, if you would like to get yours in now please download and print your renewal form here:   Click here to download our membership application Form . Otherwise paper renewal forms & newsletter will be mailed in approximately 2 weeks. Just like every other year we have a grace period to get membership renewals processed and distributed to our members so your 2021 membership cards and liability insurance are valid through the month of March. Lapsed memberships only occur after 12 months or one full membership season having been missed.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to operate through these unprecedented times.

Mike Smith



Covid and Club Operations

In accordance with public health orders level 4 restrictions at the SJRGC have been removed. At this time please follow all public health measures as issued by the department of public health. If drastic changes in operation are required they will be posted here on the club website.

Scammer Warning

Just wanted to let everyone know that scammers are at it again, making it look like I'm needing/asking someone to get money, gift cards or electronic gift cards for one reason or another. Recently the fake request was for veterans in hospice or some such bs.

PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND to such requests. The neither myself or any member of the executive & board of directors would ever make such a request from a club member for any fundraising activity. 

To be clear, my email is not hacked, the scammers simply use my name and the name of the rod and gun club to make their request appear legit. The reply to email address says mike smith but is always something completely and definitely not any of my own email addresses. Please pass this message along to anyone else as necessary.


Mike Smith

The ACTUAL President of SJRGC

Moose Management Plan Consultations

Consultation into Moose Management Plan 2022-2026


The Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture (FFA) is hosting an online public consultation at engageNL to seek public input into the development of a Moose Management Plan (2022-2026) for Insular Newfoundland that will replace the 2015-2020 Plan (extended to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic). The consultation will seek views and opinions at a regional and provincial level, for moose management and related wildlife issues.

Get Involved

The Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture is seeking feedback to an online questionnaire highlighting various aspects of moose management. Information collected from individuals and stakeholders will be reviewed and considered for future decisions about moose management and wildlife policy.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Online Questionnaire:

The public can respond to the questionnaire until November 19, 2021It should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete this questionnaire.

If you wish to provide additional feedback, require an alternative format or have concerns related to this questionnaire, please contact the Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture Wildlife Division by telephone at: (709) 637-2025 or by email at:

To complete online questionnaire click here.




Our next new member orientation session will be held Sunday September 12, 2021 at 10am sharp outside the clubhouse. New applications and renewal applications will be accepted at this time. Remember: members who have lapsed 1, 2 or 3 membership seasons can take advantage of our email orientation refresher course. Please contact membership consultant Sandra Ryan for details. 


Our new Rifle/Pistol range outhouses are installed and ready to use. These are two port-o-potties converted to and permanently affixed as outhouses in 2 easier to access locations. One is a standard unit, one is wheelchair accessible. Please keep them clean. Until I install a critter resistant toilet paper holder, please for the time being bring your own and do not leave toilet paper rolls inside the new outhouses for critters to get into and make a mess. 


If you have not renewed your club membership for the year, it's not to late. Send in your application ASAP or drop it off at the September 12th orientation. Don't forget, the liability insurance that comes with your membership also provides coverage you while you partake in Legal hunting activities.



Pesticide treatment at Clubhouse

Hi folks, 

there is an ant invasion underway at the clubhouse. It will be sprayed tomorrow, Tuesday 10August in the morning by a qualified technician. Please avoid using the clubhouse for the remainder of Tuesday. It will be available again for use on Wednesday.

The Executive SJRGC

Youth Day Volunteers

Thank you to all members who have volunteered to help at the Youth Shooting Skills Program this coming Sunday. Please be at the club for 8:30am to help with set up of the courses. Lunch will be provided to all volunteers as are our Youth participants and parents. 

If you have not put your name forward yet we can always use more help on the ranges in all disciplines, Rifle, Shotgun, Archery and Fly Fishing or even helping with lunch. If your able and willing to help please contact president Mike Smith via email

Please check back to the website Saturday evening for a going ahead/cancellation announcement which is weather dependant. 


Mike Smith

President SJRGC

2021 Youth Shooting Skills REGISTRATION OPEN

The St. John’s Rod and Gun Club and the Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture - Wildlife Division will be partnering again this summer for a full-day youth event on SUNDAY JULY 11-2021 at the St. John’s Rod and Gun Club. This event will provide opportunities for youth aged 12-17 to participate in shotgun, rifle shooting and archery in a safe environment under the guidance of qualified instructors and volunteers.

-There will be a $10.00 registration fee per youth to participate in this event.

-Lunch for youth participants will be provided and is included in the registration fee, Lunch will also be available to parents for $5.00.

-All equipment used during the event such as firearms, archery equipment, ammunition, and related safety gear will be provided by Wildlife Division.

-We recommend bringing clothing suitable for the weather of the day, sunscreen, fly spray etc.

-Due to covid restrictions for indoor spaces, ALL of the event will take place outdoors with the exception of washroom access and registration. This event will be weather dependant and may be cancelled or postponed if the weather is particularally nasty. Check this website Saturday night/Sunday morning for an update.

-In addition to the shooting sports participants will also learn about wildlife conservation, outdoor safety/survival, responsible hunting practices and the minor's Possession Acquisition License Program.

-Participants are required to pre-register for the event.

-Registration will take place on a first-come, first-serve basis until all spaces are filled.

-Make sure to include special notes when registering including Allergies and Medical Conditions.

-All youth in attendance must be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian. A parent/guardian may attend with and be responsible for more than one youth participant.


Registration Details:

Registration Deadline: Friday July 9-2021 or until space is filled. Limit of 25 registrants.

Registration Fee will be collected on the Day of the event, CASH OR CHEQUE if paying cash you MUST bring correct change.

Register via email with the name(s) and age(s) of youth participants registering to Sandra Ryan:

Registration documents will be emailed to you which must be filled out and returned (by email) no later than Saturday July 10-2021. 


Schedule of Events:

9:00: Registration

9:30: General Welcome and Introductions

9:40: Firearms / Range Safety

10:00 - 12:00: Concurrent Sessions

12:00 - 1:00: Lunch / Wildlife Contest

1:00 - 3:00: Concurrent Sessions

3:00 - 4:00: Closing Remarks, Group Photo

Archery 2021 Announcement

Our outdoor archery season will begin at the St. John's Rod & Gun Club on Monday evening May 17, 2021 at our facility in Holyrood on the TCH.  As usual we will have the full 3D course set up as well as target butts on the target range.  Start time is 6pm and we will shoot until dusk each evening.


Here are some Covid shoot guidelines:


Anyone feeling ill or self-isolating MUST stay home

- The clubhouse will be open, however you are encouraged to assemble equipment outside and reduce socializing inside the clubhouse as much as possible

- Shooters must practice physical distancing, that is remain at least 2 m apart at all times

- When target butts are set up for a shoot please limit the number of shooters per butt to 2 
- Masks can be worn outside at shooters discretion, they should be worn inside the clubhouse

- Please carry a personal sized hand sanitizer for use around the course

- If protocol is followed the only surfaces touched should be your own equipment

- Keep socializing to a minimum while on the course and around the clubhouse grounds



- Current shoot fees are $4 junior and $8 senior

- Guest insurance is an extra $5 and can be used up to 3 times


Thanks and look forward to seeing you at the club!


Greg Elms

Archery Committee Chair 

Saturday Range Closure-Clean Up Day


The weather for tomorrow (Saturday) looks mostly clear so Clean Up Day WILL be going ahead as planned. Thanks to all members who have been in contact with the executive to volunteer for clean up day tasks. 

Clean up day will begin at 9am, if you have not already been assigned a task please meet at Rifle Range B and see Mike Smith or Dave Reddin. 

Lunch will be available for all volunteers at no charge.

Most tools will already be on site, if you have your own and wish to use your own tools you can bring them along at your discretion. 

Thanks in advance to everyone that plans to come out tomorrow for the full day or even part of the day. All help is greatly appreciated.


Mike Smith

President, SJRGC

AGM Clarification

Hello Folks,

I would like to provide some clarification regarding the status of our Annual General Meeting. Our annual newsletter has gone to Canada Post for delivery and we have also made an announcement on our website that has caused some confusion for some members. I stated on the website and in the newsletter that the AGM for the 2020-2021 membership year has been postponed, the bottom of the newsletter erroneously states “No Annual General Meeting This Year” which was an error on my part. It should have stated “No DATE for Annual General Meeting This Year.”

In short, the executive board approved a motion to amend bylaw 5.01 so that under egregious circumstances the executive board can motion to postpone the AGM for 60 days with a review again at that time to proceed or postpone for another 60 days.

In short our Annual General Meeting will be postponed until such time as it’s safe and legal to host, we’re able to perform balloting for elections and be held in a manner in which all members have the capability to attend should they wish to take part. The existing executive which has remained largely unchanged in recent years has agreed to stay on and continue to safely manage the club through these trying times, which has added a great amount of complexity, responsibility and stress to our normal operations. Any positions that become vacant will remain so until an election of officers is held.

Please regularly check the club website for updates on this and other important club matters.


Mike Smith

President, SJRGC

Club Update February 2021

Hello Folks, 

2020 was a very trying and difficult year and so far the first few months of 2021 is shaping up to be much the same. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has had and continues to have an effect on all club operations our volunteers are working diligently to complete our year end, membership renewals and provide updates on Range accessibility due to the recent surge in cases. Here are some important updates:

  • Our annual club newsletter & renewal forms will be going in the mail this weekend. 
  • Membership renewals will be processed the same this year as in previous years, you can use the membership renewal form in the newsletter or you can print one off on the website. This allows us to follow our Covid-19 protocols for incoming mail. Payments are only to be made via cash, cheque or money order. Electronic payments and emailed forms will not be instituted at this time as it adds another layer of complexity to accurately matching payments to renewal forms, compounded when processing over 1000 membership renewals in a short period of time.
  • Memberships for 2021 HAVE NOT BEEN PROCESSED YET. Processing of these will begin next week beginning with Multiyear members followed by renewals in the order in which they were received. 
  • Lapsed members can take advantage of our new Orientation Refresher Course which is completed via email, it is now available for members who have lapsed 1-3 membership seasons. Contact membership consultant Sandra Ryan for details.
  • New member orientation sessions are cancelled for at least the next 30 days as we wade through the current outbreak of Covid-19 in the St. John's Metro area. Please check back here for an announcement when orientations are re-instated. 
  • Covid Alert Level 2 directives are still in place at the club. We are an outdoor facility like the St. John's Skating Loop so Ranges are at this time available for members to use. It is very important that social distancing between family bubbles is maintained on all ranges with 6' (or in the case of the rifle range one full shooting stall) separation. Members can access club buildings to sign range logs but not to socialize at this time. Members are responsible for your own hand sanitizing after touching common surfaces such as locks and door handles.
  • In light of the ongoing pandemic and surge of new cases the Executive Board of the St. John’s Rod and Gun Club has approved a motion to postpone our Annual General Meeting for the 2020 membership year, which normally would have taken place at the end of February. The current Executive will remain in place as elected at the 2019 AGM and extend all offices for 12 months. Any offices that become vacant will remain vacant for the 2021 membership year.
  • This decision was made in consultation with numerous other comparable not for profit organizations, capacity restrictions of venues due to social distancing requirements, and not finding a reasonable, safe and secure means to hold a secret ballot for elections. Technological online solutions were considered, but decided against as there is too high a percentage of the membership who have no means to attend an online meeting.
  • Committee reports are still being worked on and will be made available for download on our website in March 2021, or you can request to have a report mailed should you not have the means to download from our website.

Thanks to all members for your patience and understanding and adherence to our Covid Alert Level Response Directives over the last 12 months. 

Mike Smith

President, SJRGC

Trap Improvement Project Update

The St. John's Rod and Gun Club has been working on a multi-year Trap Improvement Project that's been made possible in part with support from the Amateur Trapshooting Association's Gun Club Fund and our volunteer trapshooting members. There's been a considerable amount of work done and we extend sincere thanks to the volunteers who gave their time, strength and expertise to help improve our club. For those who like to see more photos and details of the 2019 work and Traphouse 2B rebuild, please visit  

Sample Content

Archery Transition Dates

Update for the archery shoot schedule for the next couple of weeks as we enter into our transition from our indoor to our outdoor season. Please see below:

May 17th - regular shoot
May 24th - no shoot (grad weekend at school)
May 27th - 3D shoot and start of our regular Monday 3D season
May 31st - indoor shoot (final Friday shoot for season)
June 2nd - indoor tournament (details to follow)

As always, these dates are subject to change, however if you do not see a posting stating otherwise our shoots are a go each week.

Archery Head


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