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Snow Alert Club Road

19-01-20.  Club road is closed due to recent storm. Will update as soon as information is available.

17-01-20. Obviously, the club road is inaccessible today. We will post a note as soon as the club is opened up but be advised it probably won't be until Sunday or perhaps Monday depending on the current storm..

13-01-20.  Club road is open after last nights snowfall.  Road and walkways are slippery so be careful.

10-01-20.  Club road is open but slippery after recent rain and freeze. Ranges A, B, and C are easily accessed.  Shotgun ranges past the clubhouse are difficult to access but the shotgun site opposite the Longbranch shed is open for use.  Keep in mind to take a shovel and some form of heat as the locks tend to freeze in our damp climate.

9-01-20.  Club contractor reports the club road is open but drifting in up the hill by the clubhouse.  

8-01-20. With the coming storm the road may become blocked again.

7-01-20.  Club road is completely open.

6-01-20.  Holyrood area experienced 45 cm of snow and high winds during the recent storm.  Be advised that the club road is open as far as Range A.   Remainder up to the clubhouse is blocked by high drifts that will be cleared away as soon as possible. Ranges A, B and C are accessible and open for use.

Club Executive

No archery

Due to continuing state of emrgency, there will be no archery this evening.  

There may also be scheduling conflicts over the next two weeks as well. Notification will be sent later in the week to confirm the next couple of shoot s.

Update:Sporting Clays- Leo's Invitational

The weather forecast is indicating 40-60 cm of snow on Thursday night thru Friday with strong winds on Saturday. Under those conditions it will be difficult if not impossible to shoot on Saturday so we will postpone until next Saturday, 25 January 2020. Thanks to several people who have worked quite hard, the clays trail is completely open. Pity that the oncoming storm will likely fill it in again. Oh well winter on the Avalon.

===========Original Message Below===============

We will have Leo's Invitational on Saturday, 18 January 2020. Snow conditions at the club are tough and we will need help to pull this off. Anyone who can come early and shovel and help setup will be welcome. Also conditions could change between now and then so check the club website to ensure it is going ahead.

There will be 50 targets in the morning, lunch, then 50 in the afternoon. Costs will be 4 punches if you have a card, $28 for targets otherwise, and $5 for lunch. Juniors are half price. New folks to sporting clays remember to bring safety equipment and 7 1/2 or smaller shot.

Please arrive by 9:30 for registration and squading. We will have a shotgun start at 10:30. Please email Herb if you will attend at

Sporting Clays Comm.

AGM Notices

RESULTS-Santa's Challenge

Santas Challenge went off in fine weather.  A very fun course was set by our target setters.   Twenty two shooters participated.  Top gun was Steve at 64, Bob with 58, and Leo with 57.  Top lady shooter was Nina with 46 and Jack our Junior with 46.

As always many thanks to all the people who make these shoots possible.  These include the chefs in the kitchen, target setters, and those who helped set and clean up.

Merry Christmas to all and all the best for a safe holiday.

Sporting Clays Comm.

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Archery Transition Dates

Update for the archery shoot schedule for the next couple of weeks as we enter into our transition from our indoor to our outdoor season. Please see below:

May 17th - regular shoot
May 24th - no shoot (grad weekend at school)
May 27th - 3D shoot and start of our regular Monday 3D season
May 31st - indoor shoot (final Friday shoot for season)
June 2nd - indoor tournament (details to follow)

As always, these dates are subject to change, however if you do not see a posting stating otherwise our shoots are a go each week.

Archery Head


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