Red Rifle/Beaumount Hamel Shoot


On Saturday June 1st, IDPANL will be hosting our annual Red Rifle/Beaumont Hamel military surplus shoot. This event is a very informal competition open to all members and guests of the St. Johns Rod And Gun Club. Over the years we have combined multiple events in an effort to get more participation from the general membership. These events used to be quite epic and well attended in the past and we would like to see that again. By combining events we are not limiting anyone from shooting. If you have military surplus firearms and would like to display and shoot them than this is the time to do it.

The shoot will consist of multiple events using both rifles and pistols. There will be IDPA style pistol shooting as well as many different rifle courses of fire. Events will include 100 and 200 yard target and sniper style shooting, team shooting, and head to head competition. There will be something for everyone and you may compete in one or all events. There will be firearms available to borrow in all the common Russian military calibers, and if bringing ammunition please bring non corrosive if at all possible. Round counts may be high so prepare accordingly and bring lots of ammunition.

Fee for the shoot: $10.00 and Lunch will be provided. 

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