Cleanup Day At the Clubhouse


NOTE: All ranges at the club will be closed until all range maintenance/repair activities have concluded for the day.

It's a new year, and that means time to clean up the clubhouse and grounds from the winter. As always, this is a great opportunity to improve the overall condition of all our shooting sections and archery trails for the coming outdoor season.

All volunteer support is appreciated, if you cannot make it for the full day a couple of hours would help. The club will provide lunch for those that volunteer. Please bring weather appropriate clothes & shoes, work gloves, and any tools (racks, hammers, picaxe, etc).

Time: 9am-4pm

Areas Needing Repairs & Cleaning

Tasks for the Sporting Clays Field

- extend back road on clays trail
- check and repair shooting stands
- install signs on new stations
- fix doors on double shed and single shed
- clean up shed
- pick up garbage on trail
- clean launchers
- pick up used targets
- move targets from lower shed to clays shed
- clean up trees on trail

Tasks for Ranges A,B, & C

- In order to remain operating we have to remove ricochet hazards from the back berms & bullet catchers on Ranges A, B & C. This is a relatively easy but time consuming task made easy with lots of volunteers to use a rake to pick rocks off the berm letting them roll to the bottom where they will be taken away by a Backhoe, so very little manual labor.

- repairs to the target stands and picking up windblown garbage.

Tasks for Archery Range

- Trail cleanup and grooming

- repairing of bow stands and signage

- cleanup and debris removal from target ranges.

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